Generate Qualified Leads with B2B Pay-Per-Click Advertising

As a trustworthy paid ad agency in Philadelphia, we can help you launch targeted B2B PPC campaigns that drives traffic to your website and generates qualified leads. So, unless your customers are boycotting Google and social media, a pay-per-click advertising campaign done right will work. We are experts at figuring out what your customers are searching for and using those phrases as keywords to attract new customers. But we don’t set it and forget it – we offer PPC campaign management that leads to a positive return on investment (ROI).

Choosing the Right Goal for Your PPC Ad Campaign

Depending on your business goals, your ideal PPC ad campaign strategy can vary. Whether your main KPI is to boost brand awareness, generate more qualified leads, or attract more website traffic, our paid ads specialists know how to drive results. Learn how to choose the right goal for your paid ad campaign and get a positive ROI for your company.

How We Drive Your PPC Campaign’s Success

Our team specializes in building successful PPC marketing campaigns across multiple channels. We track and analyze data to foster continuous improvement and positive ROI.

Paid Search (PPC) Strategies

Our team of paid search strategies help businesses achieve positive ROI for the marketing investment in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Display Advertising Campaigns

Display marketing on Google is a cost-effective medium our team leverages to help build and increase brand awareness among target audiences and drive top-level traffic to a company website.

YouTube / Video Marketing

Video content continues to emerge as the most engaging medium businesses can choose to reach their prospective customers. Let our team detail and strategize how best to allocate your budget to achieve greatness.

Remarketing Tactics Across Channels

Retargeting users remains an essential tactic in any marketing toolbox. By re-engaging users that have visited your website to those that have repeatedly revisited a business website, we help drive them down the funnel to prospects and leads through personalized remarketing ad campaigns.

Performance Driven Management

We are far from the “set it and forget” mentality of some agencies. Our team is hands-on nearly daily to ensure our campaigns are performing to meet our strategic goals for any client through immersive data analysis and campaign optimizations.

Reporting and Data Analysis

To top everything off we have regular reporting reviews, insights, and recommendations every month for our clients to promote transparency and help keep everyone informed about how marketing strategies are performing compared to internal operations goals and any recommendations that may help it perform even better.

How Much Should You Spend on Ads?

Figuring out how much of your marketing budget you should allocate is about identifying your goals and crunching the numbers. To figure it out, we created a guide that offers an overview of what you need to know to start planning, and a comprehensive calculator to help you determine your spend.

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