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How to Give Your Agency the Best Feedback

Choosing The Best Web Design Agency So you’ve finally decided to go with a web design agency. You’re ready to hand off the work to someone else, kick back, and put your feet up, right? Not so fast. We all know nothing good comes quite that easy. While your agency will do the actual web […]

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Why You Should Never Write Your Own Copy

What Does it Mean to Write Website Copy? It can be tempting, when redesigning your website, to try and write your own copy. After all, you’re already footing the bill for a web designer. Creating the content — the actual words on the page — is another expense to bear. But trying to write your […]

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User Experience (UX): What is it?

What Is UX and UI? User Experience from a web aspect is the experience a user has while interacting with your brand online. Depending on strategy this can start from PPC all the way to the final goal of the website. Good UX meets the exact needs of the customer without any additional hurdles, nothing […]

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