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PPC Advertising
PPC advertising is a cost-effective way to drive traffic to your website even with a limited budget as you only pay when your ad is clicked. Paid advertising allows you to get brand exposure, convert buyers and drive profits by directing the right customers at the right time to your products or services. More and more businesses are taking advantage of the benefits Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Google Ads to help reach new audiences and increase revenue.

Drummond Scientific is a laboratory equipment manufacturer with 70 years of experience crafting high-quality, precision liquid transfer tools used by researchers around the globe. They came to Creative MMS knowing they needed to improve conversions on their website along with their Shop site.

As part of a strategic marketing program, Creative MMS would spearhead a multi-layered search marketing campaign for Drummond Scientific focusing on both search and shop campaigns in the national market. The program included PPC campaign optimization and management, as well as ongoing SEO services.

Generating sales and conversions

Specializing in a wide range of digital marketing services in Philadelphia, Creative MMS started with designing and launching a clean, UX and SEO-friendly website. PPC optimization soon followed.

Drummond’s greatest challenge was generating sales and conversions at an affordable cost per conversion. In Q2 of 2019 before starting with Creative MMS, Drummond wasn’t running any campaigns in Google Ads or to Google Shop. The strategy to overcome these initial inefficiencies would demand launching the account’s campaigns and shopping campaigns all while overhauling the keyword research to be more precise.

The lack of initial data leads us to month 1 being a data finding month to make more educated optimizations. Further, the launch of a new, optimized website as well as a Shop website would offer new and improved landing pages with relevant content and calls-to-action.

In a year-over-year summary looking at Google Ads KPIs alone, Creative MMS was able to help Drummond Scientific in Year 1 by:

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Increasing the total number of conversions by 514.28%
0 %
Decreasing the average cost per conversion (CPA) by 309.63%
0 %
Decreasing the overall average cost per click by 22.38%
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Tripling the volume of phone calls generated from PPC
$ 0 K
Reaching a revenue directly from PPC ads to a high of $10,023.84 in a month
$ 0 K
Skyrocketing the additional PPC attributed revenue from $98.12 to $13,319.35

A driving metric behind the incredible returns and efficiency improvements was ad conversion rate, which translated into significantly higher keyword quality scores and ad relevance. With monthly highs reaching 5.8%, Drummond continues to gain incredible traction with PPC advertising as well as SEO and increased organic search visibility.

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PPC Advertising

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Medical Device Manufacturers

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Lead Generation and Sales (Form Submissions, Phone Calls, and Sales on https://shop.drummondsci.com/)

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14 Months