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Rebranding a Website & Logo to Lift a Brand to the Next Level

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MHS Lift is a nationally-recognized material handling equipment company that offers forklifts, equipment rentals, and warehouse optimization services. With nearly 50 years of experience, their reach extends beyond their New Jersey headquarters to Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.

MHS Lift wanted their digital presence to lift their brand above the competition.

MHS Lift has a clear goal of their company’s future and felt confident Creative MMS could materialize their vision. Since the company’s founding in 1970, they diversified the business to include warehouse optimization services, maintenance and repair, and safety training. To assist in a seamless rebrand from Material Handling Supply to MHS Lift, Creative MMS was enlisted to design a new logo and website that informed customers that they are “more than just a lift company.”

MHS Lift’s key differentiator is their understanding of space utilization within warehouses and manufacturing plants and their professionalism. Creative MMS designed a stronger logo and website that resonated with their audience.

Conversion Optimization Done Right

Backed by a user experience analysis, competitive review, and keyword research the redesigned MHS Lift site invited users to explore equipment categories, added customer testimonials, and introduced featured videos to educate customers. Creative MMS continued as a partner to offer web maintenance and ongoing content and campaign creation.

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