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Legalty, a local company that uniquely combines Real Estate, Legal and Title Services, came to us with the challenge of brand and website design that communicates their new approach to legal real estate with title services.

Creative MMS worked with Legalty to design and develop a mobile friendly website to showcase the start of their new business.

This project began with the idea of creating a business to offer legal services specifically devoted to real estate transactions, while also offering title insurance services all in one place. The first step for this project was Discovery and Strategy to get a full understanding of their competition, audiences, and trends in the industry.

From there, we moved into design and development, using UX best practices each step of the way. However, their digital strategy didn’t stop there. Legalty came to Creative MMS post-launch for Digital Marketing to stay ahead of competition with the use of Pay Per Click (PPC) and Social Media Ads.

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