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Drummond Scientific is a laboratory equipment manufacturer with 70 years of experience crafting high-quality, precision liquid transfer tools used by researchers around the globe. They knew they needed to better market their impressive number of life science products and offer visitors a clean UX that was in-line with their precise identity.

Our digital partner needed to update and overhaul their website and brand to stay sleek and competitive.

Drummond Scientific had a legacy of service and precision since developing the first Pipet-Aid, but understood their online presence was beginning to feel old and clunky, with product pages and information buried too deep within the website to be effective. After developing and carefully scrutinizing their customer persona, Creative recommended building a new site from the ground up, offering users an organic, elegant interface.

Understanding the customers was key. Test campaigns were used to find the precise marketing strategy that attracted specific customers. New and updated content created based on our research never lost the narrative thread of Drummond Scientific’s impressive history and reputation as not only the market-leader, but the market-maker.

Custom Website Rebranding

With a focus on the customer’s journey, the new website carried the user directly, and precisely, where they wanted to go. New products could be promoted throughout the site, while ensuring the dozens of existing products continued to look fresh and contemporary. Content was harvested from the old site and rewritten, edited, and reformatted for the sake of SEO and readability. Drummond Scientific is now equipped with a polished digital presence and a continuing marketing strategy focused on customers, reputation, and precision.

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