Interactive Web Design

Developing WordPress web design projects is at the heart of Creative. We create sites with responsive design and focus on usability and creativity. Once we understand your digital marketing needs and start to build (or rebuild) your website, we use all the data obtained during the discovery & strategy phase.

This allows us to develop a highly engaging interactive web design for your brand, making your website accessible across multiple platforms and devices.At Creative, our approach is based off user research and utilizing the latest technologies to achieve unique website designs built to convert.

User Interface Design FAQs

What is UI Design?

User Interface, or UI, is anything a user directly interacts with. Currently, UI is mostly the visual discipline of laying out a product in a design software. However, UI is quickly expanding into voice & the written word thanks to the advancements in the voice assistants and communication interfaces.

What Is The Difference between UI and UX?

UI is just one small part of a much larger User Experience. UI is the visual aspect of a product and UX is the experience the designer creates which includes content strategy, conversion strategy, meeting user needs with little friction, brand advancement & much more. A simple real world example of this is your living room. The UI of your living room is the color of the walls, the decorations, the furniture, etc. The UX of your living is having your couch facing your TV so you can watch it, an easy path to the couch for quick access, the quality & comfort of your furniture, the specifications of the TV, location of the living room in relation to the rest of your house & more.

Are website wireframes necessary for design?

Yes. Wireframes might be the MOST important step of any UX process. In this crucial step we’re identifying where all the content goes, what actions the users are taking, and essentially planning out the website from a visual standpoint. Wirefames are the most important step for making sure a project stays on budget & on time from both a client & agency perspective.