Why Is Website Architecture So Important?

Information architecture allows a website to provide valuable information in a logical manner. How this information is viewed by a visitor is critical to a business’s survival online. Usability and having an interactive design contributes to not only the user experience but also to generating leads over time.

The primary goal of website information architecture is to ensure visitors can find what they were searching for quickly and with as little frustration as possible.

Website Design FAQs

What is a website sitemap?

A sitemap is an effective planning tool for designers, developers, clients & account managers alike to help organize & clarify content, user flow & scope.

Will a responsive design deliver a better user experience?

Yes. A website must be fully responsive to any screen type, device & resolution for an optimal viewing experience. Without a website that is tailored to different people’s experiences you will not only sacrifice Google rankings but also conversions on your websites.

What is Mobile Optimized Content?

It’s content that is effectively viewed on a smart device. Being Mobile Optimized is both a design & functional practice. For example, making sure video players are compatible with smart devices, reducing the number of clicks, optimizing images for faster load times, and keeping content condensed all help when optimizing for mobile.