Marketing Optimization

Analysis and Adjustment

Ongoing Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

Marketing Optimization is the process of improving marketing efforts to maximize the desired business outcomes. The marketing plan – as a whole – is optimized, in addition to each contributing tactic (such as local and SEO) to ensure efficacy and performance.

How We Approach Optimization

“The ultimate goals are conversions and building relationships with your audience. This can be done by implementing SEO best practices and creating content that satisfies a user’s search intent and using data to determine what is working and what is not.”

Marketing Optimization Goals

When focused on optimizing marketing efforts, it is ultimately about ensuring that all marketing efforts are working both independently and by contributing to the overall plan. Optimization is about 


Collect and Analyze Marketing Data

Throughout the marketing activation process, data should be continually collected and analyzed to track and assess performance.


Apply and Refine Marketing Tactics

When the data insights are applied, marketing tactics can be evaluated and refined – small tweaks can make a big difference. 


Identify Opportunities to Automate

There may also be opportunities to automate certain processes, communications, or other functions. 


Continue Data Collecting and Analysis

Marketing is a cyclic process. For all marketing tactics, data collection and tactical evaluation should be ongoing.

Marketing Optimization Deliverables

The optimization process includes a variety of deliverables that focus on all of marketing functions and overall tactical execution.

Local Search Optimization
A/B Testing
Search Engine Optimization SEO
Keyword Adjustment
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Our expertise lies in digital marketing and not in one specific industry. We bring our expertise and creativity across industries to offer our partners a unique perspective.

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Deployed Resources

Creating an attractive storytelling website to engage and increase clicks, offer product information, and turn leads into conversions, Deployed Resources has a new site and ongoing marketing.


Increasing leads by 253% and monthly site visits by more than 400%, AgAmerica and Creative MMS collaborated to design and develop four websites – all of which have met and exceeded performance expectations.

The BP Group

From simple update requests to a full site redesign, keyword integration, and ongoing marketing optimization – The BP Group has a new website that competes and delivers real, valuable results.

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