What Can Your Competitors Teach You?

An analysis of your competitors gives a glimpse into how they’re engaging their target audience. Creative investigates a competitor’s strengths and weaknesses through a SWOT analysis. Part of this technique includes discovering what keyword terms they’re using, what message/content they’re delivering to visitors (organically, socially, and in pay-per-click marketing), where they have backlinks, and which of their pages are performing best.

Competitor Analysis FAQs

Why should I research my competitors?

Tracking the evolution of a competitors marketing strategy helps you stay one step ahead when done properly. It also helps you better understand how your business can use this data as a competitive advantage.

What should I look for when conducting a competitor analysis?

Look for the keyword terms they’re using to engage their target audience. Make sure to save the terms with high search volume and that are helping your competitors rank well. Also, research how they have structured their site and identify gaps in engagement. The goal is to find where your competitors are failing, fill that gap, and succeed.

Where do I find my competitors?

Some business consider their physical competition the greatest threat, but you need to focus on your online competitors. Use Spyfu or do a Google search on 3 of your target keyword terms and review the search results. The businesses on page 1 are your top competitors who you need to look into more thoroughly. Depending on your industry, you’ll know who your competitors are from the results of your market research.