Build Personas from Audience Behavior

If you try to speak to everyone, you will end up speaking to no one.

Targeted marketing is the lay of the land in the 21st Century. It’s no longer feasible to “broadcast” your message to everyone and expect returns; you have to find your customers and talk directly to them. Persona creation is crucial to this process. Profiles often contain a host of information to be used in campaigns, including location, age, interests, and their particular need from your business.

Persona Development FAQs

If I’m not ready to do SEO or PPC, do I still need to develop personas?

Yes! Personas are incredibly important for every aspect of your business, even if you get all of your customers through word of mouth. Knowing the kind of people who are coming to your site is essential to creating its architecture and design, so that the experience is tailored precisely to the kinds of people who are visiting.

What happens to persona development if I’m trying to target different kinds of people?

It’s very common for a business to have several different persona profiles that they use to target their audiences. It will help you talk to each audience specifically. There may be some overlap in how to target those different segments, but the differences between them will make all the difference to the success of your digital marketing strategy.

What happens after we have all the personas figured out?

After finding out who you’re talking to, the next step is to start talking to them! From a digital marketing perspective, this may mean creating targeted campaigns to reach those users. From a website user experience perspective, this will mean organizing your content into an architecture that we will design your site on top of.