How To Find The Right Keywords For Your Customers

Understanding your target audience is key to engaging them with your value proposition. This is why at Creative we focus on persona development once we get a better understanding of your brand through our Discovery & Strategy Phase. The end result is fine-tuned keyword terms that speak to your audience and determines whether those visitors convert to leads.

Once we establish the most effective, high performing terms, we craft a strategy to implement them into your content. One of the ways we do this is by keyword mapping terms to specific pages and strategically placing them to improve on-page performance.

Keyword Analysis FAQs

What are the best keyword research tools?

Google keyword planner is a great tool to use, once you have your initial terms. But those results are broad and you need terms specifically relevant to a user’s search intent. The greatest research tool is your audience. They’ll tell you what they want to find. Then, using keyword research tools such as SpyFu, SEMrush, or Moz you can greatly improve the results of your keyword analysis.

Why are long-tail keyword terms important?

Finding the right long-tail keyword terms help you stay as close to natural human speaking and thinking. This helps in regard to search engine optimization and voice search optimization. They broaden your reach as it relates to staying focused on user intent and delivering results that solve search queries quickly on desktops, mobile devices, and AI virtual assistants.

Once you find the right keywords, how can you use them in your content?

Once you have your list of researched keyword terms, identify which one is your main keyword and which are secondary keyword terms. Next, you’ll want to add your target keyword term to your page title and in your H1 heading tag. The secondary keywords should be added in the body content of a page ensuring that it reads logically. Adding contextual content with targeted keyword terms will help with SEO strategies, pay-per-click campaigns, and effective page ranking.