A Brand Is More Than Just a Logo

It’s pretty common for companies to think that because they have a logo, they have a full brand. Not so! A logo is important, but just as crucial are a consistent writing voice, colors, type, and photography styles. All of these things help users see your company as a person, not just a business, which helps them relate to you and build trust.

Your brand should be on every official platform that your business occupies. Meet with clients a lot? Business cards should reflect your brand. Do a lot of presentations? Stylized slides are a great way to make an impact. And, of course, a brand is a foundational part of how a user’s experience on your website.

Branding FAQs

Once you’ve created a brand, what’s next?

The deliverables for a brand guideline will include at least a logo, color scheme, type choices, and editorial guidelines. The next step from there is applying your branding to your existing collateral so that it’s uniform throughout. This may involve rewriting of some marketing your materials or refreshing your site’s design, depending on how much your new brand is different from your old one.

If your business is new? With a brand, you have the building blocks for your marketing. The next step for you is to get building!

How does consistent branding relate to user experience?

User experience and branding are deeply interconnected. UX experts specialize in creating seamless and comprehensive environments for your users to find what they need. A consistent brand is essential to create that smooth experience. Additionally, having a uniform tone and message increases trust and keeps a user immersed in their actions.

How often should I update the brand for my business?

The most important thing about a brand is that it is consistent. If your company is lacking the guidelines or materials to apply your brand uniformly wherever it is, that’s a good sign that you’ve outgrown your identity and need to revisit it. Re-examining a brand can help fill in blank spots in much-needed marketing materials that have slipped through the cracks before now.

Additionally, if your part of your company’s identity is that it is modern or contemporary, a brand refresh every few years will help keep your identity up to current standards and maintain that part of your brand.