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Digital Marketing Strategy

What is a digital marketing strategy? It’s a strategically aligned marketing plan created through a series of targeted messages and actions aimed at achieving a goal (or goals). Online marketing strategies support a campaign and messaging that highlights the unique selling points of a specific product, brand, or service. Creative MMS focuses on omni-channel marketing — and it’s what we do best.

We Begin With A Discovery Phase

“We want to get a holistic understanding of your business needs and user requirements so we can deliver the best experience.”

We Identify the Best Online Marketing Strategies for Your Brand

To create a digital marketing plan that meets your specific marketing goals, we evaluate your current approach and overall vision. Then, we identify the strongest online marketing strategies that will improve your digital marketing ROI. These marketing plan components may include any – or all – of the following:


Building a Marketing Strategy that Works

By reviewing the customer journey, we are able to identify the best content topics and types of content that will help create engagement and generate leads.


SEO Keyword Strategy

If you want to be found through organic search (Google, Bing, etc.), you need to have a strong marketing presence with optimized copy that includes a sustainable SEO strategy.


Designing Great Websites that Perform

A creative website design needs to provide valuable information a user wants to know and quick answers to their questions when browsing through your site. 


Creating a Consistent Online Brand

What does your brand look like online and what does it relay to users? We ensure that what you want it to say and how it is perceived are consistent.

What's in a Marketing Strategy?

A full marketing strategy is comprised of various components that offer a roadmap to achieving your business goals. These deliverables can be used to drive all our marketing initiatives.

Strategic Marketing Plan
Content Strategy
SEO Keyword Strategy
Visual Identity
Information Architecture
Project Management
Our Industry


Our expertise lies in digital marketing and not in one specific industry. We bring our expertise and creativity across industries to offer our partners a unique perspective.

Deployed Resources

Creating an attractive storytelling website to engage and increase clicks, offer product information, and turn leads into conversions, Deployed Resources has a new site and ongoing marketing.


Increasing leads by 253% and monthly site visits by more than 400%, AgAmerica and Creative MMS collaborated to design and develop four websites – all of which have met and exceeded performance expectations.

The BP Group

From simple update requests to a full site redesign, keyword integration, and ongoing marketing optimization – The BP Group has a new website that competes and delivers real, valuable results.

Want to know the secret to improving your website?

At Creative MMS, WordPress has many benefits and is our platform of choice when it comes to creating a site designed especially for your business.