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Digital Marketing Strategy

What is a digital marketing strategy? It’s a strategically aligned marketing plan created through a series of targeted messages and actions aimed at achieving a goal (or goals). Online marketing strategies support a campaign and messaging that highlights the unique selling points of a specific product, brand, or service. Creative MMS focuses on omni-channel marketing — and it’s what we do best.

We Begin With A Discovery Phase

“We want to get a holistic understanding of your business needs and user requirements so we can deliver the best experience.”

What's in a Marketing Strategy?

A full marketing strategy is comprised of various components that offer a roadmap to achieving your business goals. These deliverables can be used to drive all our marketing initiatives.

Strategic Marketing Plan
Content Strategy
SEO Keyword Strategy
Visual Identity
Information Architecture
Project Management

Get Started with Our Strategic Marketing Plan Template

A digital marketing plan serves as a guide, integrating all marketing efforts into one holistic view. Your marketing plan should outline your goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics to ensure all activities are cohesive and contribute to the bigger picture. Get started with our complimentary Strategic Marketing Plan template.

Our Related Marketing Services

We Identify the Best B2B Online Marketing Strategies for Your Brand

To create a digital marketing plan that meets your specific marketing goals, we evaluate your current approach and overall vision. Then, we identify the strongest B2B online marketing strategies that will improve your digital marketing ROI. These marketing plan components may include any – or all – of the following:


Build a Marketing Strategy that Works

By reviewing the customer journey path and influences, we identify the best content topics and types that will engage customers and generate leads.


Plan and Execute an SEO Keyword Strategy

If you want to be found through organic search (Google, Bing, etc.), you need a strong marketing presence with optimized copy and a sustainable SEO strategy.


Design Great Websites that Perform

A creative website design needs to provide valuable information for users and offer concise answers to move a customer along the path to purchase.