Search Engine Optimization Strategy

At Creative, we understand that both off-page and on-page optimization needs to be executed to bring in leads that convert into customers. Reducing the bounce rate for a website shows that the right keyword terms have been used in content and the user intent has been satisfied.

Understanding Google algorithms and SEO best practice is part of any successful digital strategy. We ensure that our SEO strategy targets multiple search parameters not just for organic search but also image search, local search and voice search.


How does Data Analysis impact SEO?

Data analysis improves the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. When you can understand a brand and use market research to gain valuable insights, then you can reach goal oriented results that target the right audience with precision. This includes keyword analysis, competitor analysis, and using analytics to strengthen persona development.

What are the most important factors in SEO?

This depends on your website and the goals you have in place. However, the most important factors in SEO are:

  • How much value filled contextual content do you have on-page?
  • How many internal links (and external links) do you have within your content that adds value to visitors?
  • Are you staying consistent, relevant and informative to your visitors over time?
  • Do you have a back-link strategy and always working to improve your domain authority?

There are so many factors that go into SEO, but being able to answer and implement the questions above will improve your page rank and SEO results.

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce Rate is a percentage of website visitors that found your site, took no action, and navigated away without viewing any other pages. Basically, when a visitor leaves right when they get to your site this is called a “bounce”. Improving your content and adding internal links that lead to other pages on your website can reduce your bounce rate.