Improve Google AdWords Campaigns & Impression Rates

Creative is highly skilled in creating effective Google AdWords campaigns by using keyword phrases or terms that are generally revealed from an in-depth keyword analysis. We look to improve the Cost Per Acquisition, also known as Cost Per Conversion, by influencing the behavior of visitors who reach a site after clicking an ad. We can capture these leads through filling out a

form request, signing up for a newsletter, or when they go through the process of buying a product or service. The search engine marketing process we have in place can help increase your impression rate with the goal of generating a new lead or loyal customer.

Search Engine Marketing FAQs

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click, or PPC, is a form of Search Engine Marketing. This marketing strategy uses search engine advertising to attract users to click, and visit your website. It is also referred to as cost per click, because every click costs the business a certain dollar amount.

What are the benefits of PPC over SEO?

The main benefit of using PPC over SEO is how quickly the business will see results. SEO takes longer to build up ranking and appear on google searches, giving it a greater value down the road. However, once you stop paying for PPC, the value is lost. With SEO, the value only becomes greater as time goes on if optimized properly.

What is Cost per Acquisition? (CPA)

The answer boils down to “how much will that click cost you”? Cost per acquisition is an advertising pricing model that informs a business how much they have to pay per acquisition. It’s normally the result of a click, a product sold, or a form that’s filled out. For example, a business only pays if a form is filled out that gives them the name and email of a lead. Making sure landing pages are optimized by using the right keyword terms and CTA (call-to-action) placement improves your CPA.