What Are Style Guides for A Digital Project?

Digital style guides for web projects can range from what type of colors, fonts, and other elements are to be used. They help transform your brand to enhance the user experience and build an emotional connection with your visitors. Whether you already have a website that needs a redesign or are building a strategy for a new website, style guides make it easy for everyone involved in a project to be on the same page.

With Creative, we create editorial guidelines based off research and detailed persona development. Using a digital style guide helps visually improve your website and brand awareness once you have a more realistic understanding of your key audience segment.

Digital Style Guide FAQs

What is a digital style guide?

A digital style guide is a one-stop, online resource that houses all information about your company’s colors, assets, typography, and other brand styling decisions. It is used as the single point of reference for all team members to refer to when creating content for your business.

How does a style guide benefit my business?

A digital style guide decreases development time in 2 ways. First, having a single point of design reference cuts down on questions and communication between teams. Second, designers are able to simply punch in the necessary values (font sizes, colors, etc.) into the living digital style guide instead of creating a full Photoshop document.

How do I know if my company has brand consistency?

Are you using the same logo on your website, letterheads, and email campaigns? Are your fonts the same between these different media as well? Your brand is consistent if its look and feel remains the same during every interaction your client has with it. Brand consistency inspires trust in your consumers, and lends to your own credibility and dependability as a company.