Digital Analysis

Collect and Analyze

Using Data Analytics to Drive Strategy

When engaging with a partner, we focus on using data to drive our strategic decision-making process. Our team scrutinizes past and newly collected information to analyze websites, target audiences, and competitor performance. These resulting insights lead the focus and contribute to the recommendations we present as part of the overall digital marketing strategy.

Client Story: AgAmerica

Our solutions align with our proven strategic approach, which begins with research, data, and analysis. We listen to your challenges, conduct research, analyze the results, and strategize creative solutions to reach your goals. We focus on continuous improvement through ongoing execution, evaluation, and optimization.

Insights-Driven Deliverables

Our approach to data insights offers a suite of deliverables that can be used as research to drive any marketing initiatives.

Data Reporting
Website Heatmap
Website UX Audit
Website Requirements
Customer Journey Mapping
Insights and Analysis
Editorial Guidelines
Technical Audit
Digital Style Guide
Customer Personas
Content Audit


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The Importance of Using Data Analysis and Insights to Drive Strategy

Numbers offer a quantitative perspective and can tell a compelling story. We collect and examine data analytics and insights to use as puzzle pieces. When the puzzle pieces are set into place, they tell a story that helps us understand performance, which leads to setting realistic goals. Our talent lies where analytics meet creativity, which is how we develop a top-performing strategy.


Data Leads to Smarter Decision-Making

When analyzed, data offers a historical review of past performance and serves as a key indicator for future performance. Data offers a realistic foundation to build a plan to move forward.


Math is Dependable so the Numbers Don't Lie

Real data and accurate numbers put recall, opinions, and subjective views into context. This creates a more accurate and subjective approach to your marketing strategy.


Data Offers Benchmarks and Baselines

To know where you can realistically go and how to get there, you must get an idea of where you are starting. Baseline data is essential to setting benchmarks and tracking progress.