Increase Lead Generation Through Content

Our Customized Content Resource Center Engages and Converts

Your audience is online, researching answers to common industry questions. Does your brand create informative content like articles, videos, guides, and infographics that can help answer their questions? If so, it’s a good idea to collect these helpful resources and house them on your website in a content hub. Not sure where to start? That’s where CoreResources comes in.

CoreResources is the ultimate platform for creating an engaging and personalized digital resource center. It organizes all of your content in one place and establishes your company as an industry expert.

With this customized content service created by the expert B2B content marketers and web developers at Creative MMS, it’s easy for your prospects to find and share your content.

Why Do You Need A Resource Center?

Having well-organized content on your website will help to increase traffic through SEO and paint your brand as a thought leader. Watch our video walkthrough of our own resource hub, Creative University, to see how CoreResources functions.

CoreResources Deliverables

Launching a brand new content hub that’s optimized for both design and functionality requires time and regular updates as new resources are created. At Creative MMS, we have the know-how to develop a customized content resource center that converts your site visitors into qualified leads.

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Website Development
Mobile Optimization
Website Hosting
Website Design
Ongoing Data Analysis & Reporting

What Is A Content Audit and Why Does It Matter?

A content audit involves taking a deep dive into the resources that live on your brand’s website to reveal any strengths and weaknesses in your overall content strategy. But how do you do it and what benefits can you expect? Download our in-depth whitepaper to find out.

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What Makes A Good B2B Resource Center?

You’ve spent the time putting together informative resources designed to build trust between your site visitors and your brand. Our digital marketing experts in Philly know how to showcase your industry expertise with a custom B2B content hub that looks good and performs well. We provide:


Intuitive Website Design

The easier your resource hub is to use, the more people will use it. We’re experts in intuitive website design, allowing your website visitors to effortlessly navigate through your content without missing a beat.


Custom Website Development

A customized content hub will help you stand out from the competition by catering to the specific needs of your audience. You have the content, and we have the skills to develop a website that truly represents your brand.


High-Performing WordPress Sites

We specialize in custom websites developed with WordPress. With our proprietary CoreUX WordPress platform, your resource center will provide your audience with a seamless, enjoyable user experience.