Data Analysis Services to Drive Your Strategy

When engaging with a partner, we focus on using holistic data to drive our strategic decision-making process. Our team scrutinizes past and newly collected information to analyze websites, target audiences, and competitor performance. These resulting insights lead the focus and contribute to the recommendations we present as part of the overall digital marketing strategy.

Using Data to Solve Top B2B Pain Points

Taking a deep dive into your brand’s data analytics helps inform our strategies and solve the top pain points we hear from B2B companies. Whether your biggest challenge is increasing traffic, converting leads, or proving marketing ROI, data is your key to making effective changes. Watch our video to learn how our B2B data analysis services can help you reach your goals.

Data-Driven Deliverables

Our approach to data insights offers a suite of deliverables that can be used as research to drive any marketing initiatives.

Data Reporting

Each month, we’ll collect and report on any relevant data across your digital marketing efforts. This way, you’ll always know where you stand and our team can use the data to make any needed changes.

Insights and Analysis

We don’t just report on the data and leave it up for interpretation. Our strategists will offer insights on how your performance compares to industry standards and whether our existing tactics should be updated.

Website Heatmapping

Website heatmapping provides data that reveals how your website visitors interact with each page on your site. You’ll find out how far your visitors scroll, what they click on, and where they abandon your website.

Customer Journey Mapping

Our team will conduct extensive research and interview stakeholders to gauge what takes your audience from the Discovery to a Conversion. We’ll map this journey for each of your personas to inform our marketing strategy.

Website UX Audit

Your website’s user experience (UX) can make or break a potential sale. We’ll audit your website to find out whether its navigation is intuitive and accessible or if the layout is confusing to your audience.

Content Audit

A content audit reveals data about what topics your audience finds the most engaging on your website. You’ll discover key analytics that will help inform your content strategy and offer more value moving forward.

Using Data and Analytics to Drive Digital Strategy

Numbers offer a quantitative perspective and can tell a compelling story. We collect and examine data analytics and insights to use as puzzle pieces. When the puzzle pieces are set into place, they tell a story that helps us understand performance and set realistic goals. Our talent lies where analytics meet creativity, which is how we’ll develop your top-performing strategy.

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digital strategy for tax firms - case study
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