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Over 55 million Americans have a disability. Is your website design accessible and ADA compliant? If not, you’re likely excluding users with disabilities – not to mention missing out on potential sales. Creative MMS is an award-winning website design agency that specializes in adhering to web accessibility standards. Ensure your website is inclusive and provides all users with the same access by partnering with our experienced team.

Web Accessibility’s Impact On Business and Users

There’s been an increase in lawsuits over the past few years against businesses that aren’t compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. By not taking the steps to make sure that everyone can easily interact with your site, you risk expensive lawsuits.

Most importantly, everyone deserves to have the same access to website content regardless of their disabilities. Watch our video to learn more about the importance of web accessibility and inclusive design.

Comprehensive Accessible Website Design Deliverables

Our accessible website design services are strategically crafted to match the overall design look and feel of your B2B brand. That way, accessibility and inclusion become a part of your larger marketing plan.

ADA Compliance Scans

As with all things marketing, web content accessibility guidelines are subject to frequent changes. Our platform stays on top of the latest requirements and conducts routine scans to validate that your website remains accessible.

Mobile Website Design

Those with disabilities won’t always visit your website from their computers. Over 50% of total website visits originate from mobile devices, so mobile-friendly design is crucial to give your users a seamless experience across devices.

Branding Guidelines

Are your brand’s current fonts, colors, and logos optimized for accessibility? We’ll take a deep dive into your brand’s website guidelines to verify that color contrasts are high enough and your fonts are easily legible.

Media Optimization

From videos to imagery to audio, all media on your website should be accessible. Our team will add alt text to images and deliver captions and transcripts for video content to provide full context to all visitors.

Let’s Work Together to Design an Accessible Website

There are a lot of elements that go into designing a truly accessible website. At Creative MMS, we have 15+ years of experience designing websites that are accessible and inclusive for all. Let’s work together to give your users the best experience on your digital platforms.

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