What is a Content Audit? Why Does it Matter?

In 2020, content marketing became more important than ever due to the lack of in-person events. Moving forward, creating a content strategy is essential for any business looking to stay two steps ahead of the competition. Why?

About 60% of the buyer’s journey and decision is made before actively engaging with your sales team. This means that your prospects are looking through your website and resources to gauge your company’s ability to solve their pain points before you even have the chance to make your pitch. Take control of your content today to position your brand as an industry expert and boost website traffic in the process.

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Are your shareable resources attracting enough website traffic and qualified leads? If not, completing a content audit will help you identify any strengths and weaknesses in your content marketing strategy that you can then use to increase conversions.

Your content audit will reveal:

• What topics your audience finds the most engaging
• Which posts are performing the best
• What content can be updated, repurposed, or removed
• And more!

Stop spending time creating articles, infographics, videos, and guides that aren’t being seen or shared by your target audience. Download our guide today to learn more about the benefits and necessary steps of completing a content audit.

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