Does Your Website Provide the Best User Experience?

It only takes 0.05 seconds for visitors to form an opinion about your website. Will they stay? Will they leave? To grab visitors and hold on to them, you must think critically about website design and content. Download our 12-point checklist to help optimize your site and ensure customers get the most out of their experience.

Download the 12-Point Website UX Checklist

See how your website measures up and what needs work to give your users the best experience.

You know the feeling. You have a problem or a question, so you “google” it. You click on a link that you hope provides you with the need or answer that you’re searching for. But when you get to the site, you do not quickly see what you are hoping to find. How fast do you click out of that site and continue to search?

Use this quick checklist to scrutinize your site and make sure everything is eye-catching, engaging, and functional. With this checklist, you will:

• See your site from your customer’s POV
• Discover ways to update your website for today’s modern users
• Learn design best practices, tips, and tricks
• Find ways to improve ineffective areas of your site

Do you maximize the opportunity of every website visitor? Do you make it easier for them to find the answers to the questions, the solutions to their needs? Do you provide them with the experience they are hoping for? Download this checklist and learn how your website measures up.

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