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Learn to Build Connections With Social Media Marketing

Over 3.9 billion people worldwide are active on at least one social media platform. Chances are, your audience is part of this ever-growing number. So, if your business isn’t active on any social platforms, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to build connections with them. But it’s not enough to post sporadically and hope for the best. You need a social media marketing strategy to maximize your results.

Creative MMS has been helping businesses build their social media presence for over 15 years. And now, we’d like to help you! Explore our informative resources below to learn how to create a social media marketing strategy that your followers will love.

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Managing Facebook on a social calendar
Social Media Marketing

Create a Social Media Strategy to Connect With Your Target Audience

Download our Social Media Monthly Calendar tool to effectively manage your posts across platforms.
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trade show attendees talking
Marketing Strategy

Maximize Your Trade Show with Digital Marketing

Your Guide to B2B Tradeshow Marketing For the majority of B2B sales leaders, the return...
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growth marketing for scientific companies
Marketing Strategy

Top 4 Growth Marketing Strategies for Life Sciences Companies

The Importance of a Solid Life Science Marketing Strategy While marketing is widely considered to...
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SEO & Content Webinar with Creative MMS
SEO Services

SEO & Content: A True Love Story

Find out how to leverage the love story between content and SEO to build highly...
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SEO Social Media Blog
SEO Services

How Does Social Media Impact SEO?

Use Social Media to Help Boost SEO Rankings Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media...
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6 Digital Marketing Trends
Digital Marketing

6 Ways to Make Your Digital Marketing Stand Out in 2021

Learn new ways to create meaningful and engaging interactions with your audience.
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Successful social media posting
Social Media Marketing

5 Proven Social Media Tips For Businesses

A social media marketing strategy can drive traffic and build relationships.
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Social Media Marketing

How Are Your Social Media Platforms Performing?

Our experts will examine your channels and offer insights to help improve messaging and increase...
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Reviewing social media engagement rate and marketing data
Social Media Marketing

Track the Engagement Rate of Social Platforms to Maximize Impact

Download our Social Media Engagement Rate Calculator to discover what content engages your audience most
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PPC Advertising
Case Study

Soom Foods

Soom needed a social strategy and eCommerce campaigns to build awareness and sell their premium...
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woman smiling at social media on phone
Social Media Marketing

Building Relationships Through Social Media

When I think about what makes social media so powerful, I always come back to...
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brand engagement and how to reach your audience
Social Media Marketing

5 Ways to Build Your Brand Through Engagement

How To Initiate Brand Engagement on Social Media You’re already doing Customer Relationship Management (CRM)...
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