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Manhattan Bagel is known for serving their freshly baked, New York-style bagels to breakfast lovers across the East Coast. But after their recent rebranding, they needed a redesigned website that was both consistent with their new marketing materials and had an easily editable backend. As bagel enthusiasts ourselves, the Creative MMS team was happy to oblige.

Building A User-Friendly, Accessible Website

After Manhattan Bagel launched their recent rebranding, a challenge presented itself in that their website no longer reflected their upgraded marketing materials. With consistency across a brand’s digital presence being so essential, their team reached out to Creative MMS needing a redesigned website.

Since they regularly update their menu, the main feature our client requested was the ability to quickly and easily make adjustments in the backend of their website. Seasonal items and promotions would be changed month-to-month, and their existing website did not allow for seamless edits on the fly.

Our point of contact at the company was new to the brand and sought ongoing guidance about digital marketing best practices. At Creative MMS, we consider our clients as our partners. We take a highly collaborative approach to all projects, so we knew this client would be great fit.


Delivering An Engaging and Editable Website

With the client’s requirements in mind, we took the following steps to deliver an upgraded website:

  • Built the website’s backend using Elementor to enable real-time changes in just a few clicks
  • Created a seamless UX Information Architecture, making it easier for users to navigate the website
  • Designed the website while adhering to the new brand guidelines
  • Connected the website to all relevant subdomains for franchisees
  • Ensured ADA compliance with an accessible web design
  • Provided content recommendations and implemented keywords that would help the website appear for relevant search queries
  • Integrated Constant Contact to send any form submissions directly to their email marketing platform
  • Set up a page that allowed users to buy gift cards online

Our team worked closely with Manhattan Bagel along the way to keep the project moving forward. We also fostered collaboration with their parent company and IT teams to ensure all parties were on the same page.

Additionally, we built their menu page in a user-friendly format with allergens, calories, and nutrition information listed for each item. That way, website visitors can easily find what they need and place an order in minutes.

Today, we continue to work closely with Manhattan Bagel. Post website launch, we’re working on building additional pages that will provide even more value to Manhattan Bagel’s customers.

We’re proud of the work we accomplished so far and look forward to building our relationship further for years to come!

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