University of the Potomac

A quality user experience to match the quality of their university education

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University of the Potomac is a regionally accredited on and offline higher education institution. Their goal is to provide high-quality, affordable degree programs and professional certificates to make higher education accessible. The university knew they needed a quality website that would meet the high-quality of the education they offer.

University of the Potomac relied on Creative for a new site design and user experience overhaul.

Creative understood the importance of designing the site and creating content to align with the high-quality education offered by the university. This required an in-depth understanding of the University of the Potomac brand and position. Creative worked with the university team to extract the key values and differentiators and craft the brand guidelines to ensure consistency. The website design was focused on informing prospective students and an acquisition strategy, all while ensuring the content met compliance requirements and was at the forefront of the user experience. The final product – a sleekly designed, responsive, informative, optimized website that is on-brand and just as high-quality as the education they offer.

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