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Increased Sales Using Targeted Social Media Advertising

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Soom Foods, a women-owned Philadelphia-based company, is dedicated to introducing their globally-inspired tahini and other products across America. They approached Creative MMS to create a social strategy and to manage their eCommerce account through strategic social media advertising campaigns.

Soom Foods was looking to sell more products via their E-commerce site using Social Media Marketing campaigns.

Soom Foods needed to be proactive and aggressive during the COVID-19 downturn and capitalize on their social media presence. Their main goal was to engage their audience in a new strategic and creative way, leading to increased sales on new channels.

Before reaching out to Creative MMS, Soom Foods did not have a clear strategy to maximize their social media marketing. Creative MMS and Soom Foods strategized and agreed to advertise on certain social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest), brand current ads, and optimize eCommerce opportunities. Campaigns were developed with the intent to optimize buyer behavior on specific channels in 45 days. Creative MMS offered data-driven recommendations along the way and conducted testing to their social campaigns to improve conversion rates.

Executed a Social Media Strategy with ROI

We created two highly successful campaigns with direct sales on Facebook. The first was a campaign focused on a local Philadelphia restaurant, Goldie, and their recipe for a Tahini Shake whereas we could direct visitors to purchase a 6-pack of Soom Foods’ premium tahini. Through this campaign, we drove 23 purchases with a cost of $12.05 per purchase.

For the second campaign, we ran a Shop Carousel campaign intended to sell numerous products directly on Facebook. The goal: capitalize on the ease of check-out. This campaign ran for only 1 week and produced amazing results of 11 purchases in those 7 days at an astoundingly low cost of $1.68 per conversion.

Because of this digital marketing plan and continued optimization, Creative MMS helped drive more users to the Soom Foods website. Our client also experienced a 5.1% increase in return visitors. Soom Foods also hit a new record for monthly users in May 2020 due to efforts from social media referral sessions.

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Increased Facebook sessions to the Soom website by +84.70% year over year
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Increased Pinterest sessions to the Soom website by +376% year over year
Resulted in 81 sales in 45 days (mid April - end of May, 2020)
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Achieved a Social Reach of nearly of 830K
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Obtained Social Clicks of over 4.4K
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Reached Social Impressions over 930K
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Social Media Advertising

Goldie Campaign

Soom’s Facebook Goldie Campaign produced 391 clicks and a Conversion Rate of 5.9%. It was 1 of the 2 highest performing campaigns on Facebook. The average cost per click was $0.31 which is nearly 50% below the industry standard.

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Carousel Campaign

Soom’s Facebook Carousel Campaign produced a conversion rate of 38% which is 4x the industry standard. This campaign utilized the Facebook carousel format which enables advertisers, across both Facebook and Instagram, to show 3-5 images, headlines, and links or calls-to-action (CTAs) in a single ad unit.

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Soom Foods

“We were very happy with the work that Creative was able to do with us and our budget towards this project. We saw a 900% boost in our website traffic coming from social channels during our time working together.”

Julie Ozlek
Digital Sales & Marketing Manager
Soom Foods