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Dough Wines is a woman-owned line of philanthropic wines based on the West Coast dedicated to supporting restaurant recovery, equality in the kitchen, and food sustainability. Eager to engage wine lovers in a meaningful way, they needed an eCommerce website to drive sales and promote their partnership programs with James Beard Foundation Impact Programs. That’s where Creative MMS came in.

Dough Wines was looking to implement a new website to showcase their philanthropic wines.

Before connecting with Creative MMS, Dough Wines’ online presence was nonexistent. Since many consumers discover new brands via online search, a company website was critical for our client to increase sales and remain competitive in the food and beverage industry.

The Creative MMS team collaborated with Dough Wines to devise a digital marketing strategy that would set them apart in their competitive industry. A competitor overview was done to gauge what similar wine companies were doing to engage their audience. Our in-house SEO expert completed a keyword analysis to find out which industry keywords were performing well. User experience, content, and feature requirements were then organized into a sitemap to inform the information architecture (IA) of Dough Wines’ website.

Developing, Designing, and Delivering a New Website

As an existing brand looking to establish an online presence, Dough Wines needed a website to be designed, developed, and launched as quickly as possible. To do this, we created their website in two phases.

For phase one, we released a new site with limited functionality that served the purpose of putting Dough Wines on the digital map. The initial release of their website included an ‘Our Wines’ page and individual pages for each type of wine. An ‘About’ page that introduced site visitors to the brand’s goals and history was included in this phase as well. This first launch provided a solid foundation for the full eCommerce website and its required integrations.

In phase two, several features were added to enhance the user experience and improve the overall quality of the site. The website development team incorporated seamless integration with WineDirect’s eCommerce platform, allowing customers to purchase wine online. A “Find Our Wines” widget was embedded on the site which enabled visitors to quickly locate a nearby store that carried Dough Wines’ delicious wine selection. A blog, events page, and a Wine Sets page were also added. This comprehensive, completed website delivers consumers a virtual taste of our client’s wine selection and motivates them to make a purchase.

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“We were very happy with the work that Creative was able to do with us and our budget towards this project. We saw a 900% boost in our website traffic coming from social channels during our time working together.”

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