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Redesigning a California Creamery's Website for Success

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Straus Family Creamery sought a full team of experts specializing in search engine optimization (SEO), paid ad management, and website design and development. Their goal was to build an elevated presence across their digital assets, primarily in relation to website design and SEO.

Moooving A Creamery’s Website to Greener Pastures

In January 2021, Straus Family Creamery out of Sonoma County, CA reached out to Creative MMS after being referred by our joint partner, Revel Brand Design. Their website hadn’t been redesigned in five years, so it was time for a strategic refresh.

When redesigning the website, we focused on functionality improvements and SEO best practices. This included:

  • Creating a beautiful, intuitive design to improve the website’s user experience for customers and drive additional engagement
  • Ensuring the website has the schema data and optimized heading tags to increase visibility in search engine results
  • Building a new and streamlined backend workflow for the client, allowing them to easily update the site without the assistance of a web designer or developer
  • Improving user accessibility by employing updated best practices and adding the accessiBe plugin
  • Providing SEO consulting for metadata and on-page content, suggesting target keywords that were then implemented by the client
  • Streamlining the process for updating product descriptions, nutrition information, imagery, and more across the website


Launching A Redesigned, Bovine-Approved Website

After months of collaboration with Straus and Revel, the redesigned website was launched in November 2022. We stayed with the brand provided by Revel and added some important upgrades:

  • Organized the client’s blog, news, and sustainability reports into CoreResources, our custom content management plugin that integrates with WordPress and Elementor. This service allows our client to publish a wider range of content, including recipes, blogs, videos, and other custom resources more efficiently
  • Integrated Salesforce to align their website form submissions with their overall marketing and sales efforts
  • Installed the Destini Locator product finder. This integrates with Instacart, Amazon Delivery, and Whole Foods, allowing website visitors to have their favorite Straus products delivered

Overall, our amazing teams worked together with Straus and Revel to launch a redesigned website that’s beautiful and functional on the front end with a highly efficient and user-friendly backend. Their new website was built to be future-proof, enabling Straus Family Creamery to expand on their own without needing a web designer or developer on hand.

We hope our relationship with Straus Family Creamery will continue until the cows come home!

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