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Keeping the Brand Cool with a New Website & Ongoing Marketing

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The BP Group is a leading commercial HVAC company in New York City specializing in the installation, maintenance and engineering of HVAC systems. They needed a modern website design to reflect their commitment to client satisfaction and innovative company culture. Cue Creative MMS.

A revamped digital presence driven by content strategy

Our strategic partnership began with a plan for minor website improvements and content updates to the existing website. After expressing their long-term goal of customer retention, we realized that The BP Group needed a website overhaul for improved user experience and to rival competitors.

A new site would improve their appearance online and impress prospects browsing for a commercial HVAC provider. So, our website development team switched the client’s website to a WordPress CMS where we could build a more effective on-page appearance.

Encouraging website visitors to engage and convert

The user-friendly backend provided an easier experience for in-house site updates and management. New content could seamlessly be added and updated by our team.  The result was a customized website designed to showcase the services, divisions, and projects in a user-friendly layout.

Our content marketing and SEO teams also created an enhanced content strategy to help The BP Group share key industry insights and provide value to their audience. We provided an upgraded social media strategy as well to continuously engage the client’s followers.

Today, we continue optimizing their website and integrating keywords to reach their audience.

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