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CTDI is a global leader in the rapidly growing communications, mobility, and consumer devices industries. They’re known for delivering innovative, in-region, and technical supply chain services to telecom carriers, cable companies, and OEMs. Their team needed an agile, strategic marketing partner with deep knowledge of the tech industry to drive their digital efforts forward. Cue Creative MMS.

How it Started: A Communications Brand Seeking a Website Redesign

CTDI knew they needed an upgraded website that reflected their fast-paced, leading-edge technology industry. But who would be the best B2B website design agency to spearhead these efforts?

The CTDI team was looking for an agency with more resources than a mom-and-pop-shop, but with more personalized service than you’d expect at a huge firm. They sought a digital marketing partner who they could:

  • Truly trust to get the job done
    Collaborate with and exchange ideas
    Count on to complete projects with quick turnaround times
    Work with as an extension of their existing marketing team

After extensive research, CTDI contacted Creative MMS in 2020 to lead a full website redesign geared towards their B2B audience and recruitment efforts. Read on to see how we helped them!

How It’s Going: An Ongoing Digital Partnership

Before our team could dive in and start redesigning our new client’s website, we conducted interviews to understand their goals and challenges. Our B2B content writers spoke with the client’s management team and key stakeholders, both in-person and via video calls.

Creative visited CTDI’s headquarters in West Chester, PA to meet their team and take a peek behind the scenes at their day-to-day operations. Understanding our client’s strong company culture, values, and goals was key for building a website that reflected their brand.

In April 2021, our design and development teams launched our client’s redesigned site. CTDI’s new and improved website focused on sharing information about their services while using optimized keywords that spoke to their target audience’s needs. The site also highlighted their family-oriented company culture and charitable efforts to help humanize their business.

But our work with the client wasn’t done. Creative held another in-person meeting to discuss branding opportunities and brainstorm a game plan for upcoming website content. With ideas flying from both our team and theirs, we built a content calendar filled with engaging topic opportunities.

Our work with CTDI continues as we frequently connect to review completed campaigns and projects on the horizon. We’re proud of our strong digital partnership and look forward to continuing to build their online presence for years to come.

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september website analytics screenshot

Traffic After New Website Launch

Our client saw a 21% increase in visitors after their new website was launched. This is a testament to improved site content, optimized keyword use, and an overall more engaging user experience.

january website analytics screenshot

Key website metrics like Users, Sessions, Bounce Rate, and Session Duration are continuing to improve month-over-month as a result of our collaborative efforts with the client on new projects.