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In 2017, AminoPay launched innovative digital advertising technology dedicated to transparency and efficiency. The exciting new company understood the need to showcase their cutting edge tools in a way that’s accessible, competitive, and scalable. They needed to better understand the customer’s journey and pinpoint new, sophisticated ways to engage with specific decision-makers.

Using New Data Technology to Reach Consumer Needs

AminoPay’s ability to track media spending in real time with real data can benefit a wide range of markets. But casting too wide a net often eats up costly resources and fails to uncover quality leads. To focus their messaging and content, we identified AminoPay’s target audience, giving a clear picture of the habits and needs of potential customers.

Once the customer persona was created, Creative MMS designed and developed a website focused on engagement and accessibility. Specific design choices, graphics, and animation added style and readability to the site, and optimized content lifted brand awareness across all digital platforms.

Scalable Website Development

Our web developers future-proofed the site by implementing scalable assets and functionality. The site grows with the company, instead of slowing it down. Plus, new administrative tools enable AminoPay to control the brand with flexibility and accuracy. Creative MMS continues to work with AminoPay to track customer behavior and generate marketing strategies as innovative as their own technology.

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