Website Proposals: Which One is Best?
Which website proposal is best for you?
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Website Proposal Tips in 2018

Building your website is a big step for your business. You want to make sure that you’ve chosen the right company to handle your design. You’ve taken the step to gather proposals for your website design and development, but now, you aren’t sure how to narrow them down. There are several key steps that will help ensure whether or not you’ve chosen the right proposal for your needs.


What Should I Ask About A Website?

When you consider your website, what assumptions are you making about the process of putting it together? For example:

  • How often do you expect to meet with your website development team during the process?
  • Will your marketing strategy be handled internally, or do you need a strategist to help ensure that you’re getting everything your users need out of your website?
  • What does your Quality Assurance (QA) testing process look like?
  • Will you manage your site and digital marketing strategy after launch internally, or do you need a partner to provide recommendations, reporting, monitoring and updates?
  • Who will pay for the software licenses and ongoing post-launch support that go along with your project? Is it part of the website development package, or are those things that you’ll need to pay for separately?

Understanding your assumptions about the website building process will ensure you know what to expect from the project and agency delivering the project. Take a look at your proposals and consider how they address those concerns. If you’re missing information from your proposals, go back and ask questions to ensure that you’re getting the website design company that will best fit with your needs.


3 Key Factors of A Website Proposal

There are three factors to seriously consider when you’re choosing proposals for website development. It’s important to know which factor is most important to your organization and how that can influence your decision moving forward.

  • Cost: If cost is the most important factor, you may miss out on some quality aspects, part of the testing process, or time spent meeting and working with your development team.
  • Quality: How high-quality do you need your website to be? Note that quality takes both time and money in order to ensure.
  • Timeliness: How much time do you have before your project needs to be off the ground? Depending on how quickly you need to launch, you may need to sacrifice time in design and development or be prepared to spend more to allocate resources to your project.

While you can have a high-quality website within your budget and time frame, you need to understand how these factors can influence one another–and naming the one you need most can help better shape the way you make choices about your website development proposals.


Website Support After a Successful Launch

Your website development isn’t just about the launch process. You want to be sure that you’re also getting the support you need after your project is off the ground. Carefully consider these key factors as you’re evaluating your proposals.

  • Do you need support after launch? Do you have a team already in place with experience running your website, or do you need a company that will continue to provide support after your website is live?
  • What dedicated resources are available at your development company? Can they help provide your website with the ongoing security and updates it needs?
  • Is your agency prepared to deal with the unknown? There are unknown elements in every website launch–and you need an agency that’s ready to deal with them alongside your team.

Once you’ve asked the right questions, often, it will be clear which developer is the right choice for your website. If you’re ready to find a digital marketing and website strategy, team that will offer the attention to detail you need in order to make your website a success, contact us. We’ll work with you to develop a website that will take care of your website proposal and development goals.

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