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Optimizing Your Digital Marketing Strategies

It’s been a long, wild digital 2019. So many local Lions, Tigers, and Bert (oh my!). Digital Marketing in 2020 and conversational SEO is going to take on new forms in the years to come. As a matter of fact, you may have more questions than answers when it comes to how your online business will survive and thrive next year.

Have you ever asked yourself:
How can I increase traffic to my website?
What is Local SEO?
How do I optimize my website to engage more visitors?
What is keyword analysis and can understanding search intent really help my brand?

These are all valid questions that demand answers. But first, you need to understand the changing digital landscape to properly navigate its many twists and turns. Preparing your online presence for a new year can be daunting and overwhelming. But not if you know exactly how marketing optimization can improve your business.

What You Need To Know

Aside from Google focusing on their mobile indexing first, the search engine giant has been hard at work ensuring that they deliver the fastest, most accurate, and relevant results as possible. Their agenda: be better than Bing.

Ok. Well their objectives are more vast than that, but that’s high up on the list. The more they fine-tune search results that deliver the fastest value to visitors, the more users will gravitate to them and stay with them.

But the search engine can’t just think the dream…they have to be the dream. That’s why they’ve been very aggressive when it comes to updating their Google Algorithms. Some may think of this as a hassle, or that they have to alter their digital processes. This is true to a degree, but not actually factual.

Google wants its search engines to emulate human thought, actions, and intent. And here’s where today’s technology takes center stage! Through the evolution of AI (Artificial Intelligence), the search engine is programmed to learn. Every keystroke, every click, every link, every device is connected. This combination shares one common goal: machine learning.

You may ask yourself, “But I’m not a machine, so how do I compete with one?”

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

It’s not about competing with the machine as much as it is communicating with it. Understanding what it’s “looking for” when it evaluates (I mean learns from you) is imperative. The quality content that you put out for users to digest is what should set you apart. If you create content just to put out content then you risk seeming, dare I say, archaic. Generic. Just like everyone else.

But your business is not like everyone else. You have a story. You have answers. You have a value proposition that customers/clients can’t say no to even if they tried. Search Engines such as Google, Bing, and Duckduckgo are looking for this differentiation. This disruption from the norm that provides solutions to everyday pain points and desires.

At Creative MMS, we are the ghost in the machine. We watch, track, and evaluate everything that search engines do on a daily basis. The engines are designed to deliver solutions and we are skilled at growth hacking businesses while crafting digital marketing strategies that drive meaningful traffic to conversions.

But there’s always something that makes it a challenge. Like the ever-present Google Algorithm Apocalypse that seems to be more frequent these days. Have no fear, Creative is here! Creative MMS that is!

The Most Recent Google Algorithms

I think you’ve waited long enough! Let’s jump into the newest Google updates and the strategies that will keep you competitive. By the end of this, you’ll be able to understand what’s needed to maximize optimization strategies.

What is the Google Algorithm: BERT

If you recall, I mentioned AI. Machine Learning. That is part of the core of the Google Algorithm called BERT. Back in the day, SEO’s would caution you about using stop words in page titles (a, the, for, how, why, with, etc.). With the birth of BERT, that is no longer a caution but accepted.

You see, BERT was programmed to consider the full context of a phrase, search, or question. It’s what’s called a “neural network-based technique” allowing this algorithm/program to understand the subtle nuances of searches. The goal is to better match searches with relevant results. It makes a connection between words in a search. Different from Google’s RankBrain Algorithm, BERT is far more intelligent. RankBrain was Google’s first attempt at artificial intelligence. They used it to understand search queries more effectively. So consider BERT her hella’ smarter big sister!

BERT is all about language. How do users search? How do they write (or speak in the case of voice search)? BERT was developed to understand and learn the language. Why? So it can better provide results that closely match search intents.

Florida 2 Core Algorithm

This is yet another example of a core algorithm update that, according to Google, can not be avoided or corrected if affected. Its goal — evaluate the overall effectiveness of search and how well the results pair the user’s intent with a website.

Unconfirmed Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update (Maverick)

Not much is known about this “possible” algorithm update. But what we at Creative MMS can tell you is that Google neither confirmed nor denied its existence. What we can also say is that there was a large shakeup in Google Rankings and many domains were affected. In a nutshell, many domains saw their search rankings affected in a negative way. When Google was asked what webmasters and brands could do about it, the answer was the same:

“Nothing. Keep optimizing your domain and focus on the user and their search intents and the fluctuating rankings will subside.”

Ok Google.

Quick Digital Optimization Strategies

[the low hanging fruit of it all]

Conduct Actionable Data Research

Do your research. Get to know who your target audience is and what’s important to them. Don’t just think about your “brand”, think about how your services or products can better someone else’s life or business. Conduct a competitor analysis to get a wider view of where your audience is and who are they currently engaging with today. Research your market and any changes that have occurred either economically, emotionally, or otherwise. Research keyword terms that are native to your audience or closely related to what they need. The goal is to make your digital presence feel seamless, indispensable, and a “Eureka moment” for visitors that found you organically.

Generate Content That Tells A Story

Create content that not only tells a story, but draws in the reader. Understand your target audience, but don’t list out what they are looking for in any given search. Speak their language (using terms they would use) as you craft “your” story around “them”. When people feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves, they tend to embrace that inclusion. That understanding. Bear in mind, as you speak to a target audience you also have to speak to machines (search engines). Artificial Intelligence is constant and learning constantly.

Satisfy Focused Search Intents

Don’t focus only on keywords – focus on the intent of their search. Analyze what part of the funnel they’re in and communicate through visual user experiences and subtle calls to action to satisfy their search intent. Answer the how, why, when, and what initially. Remember…you’re trying to build a relationship – not bore them.

Use Images To Enhance User Experiences

Use images with accurate image file names and image alt tags that use variations of the original search intent. Humans are visual beings, so be their digital eye candy. Don’t worry, they’ll eat you up (if done correctly).

Create Informative YouTube Videos

Create videos. Not Hollywood style videos but brand videos. Make sure to mention search intents in a logical, conversational manner. Don’t forget to review and update your video transcript. Most importantly, look and speak approachable. Look excited that they pushed play! Give them a reason to not only keep watching but to click on another video you produced. Remember to create a YouTube Channel and strategically add the videos to your site.

Produce Digital Deliverables

Keep the conversation going! Think about producing White papers, Infographics, How-To’s, and Definitive Guides (just to name a few or more). The goal is to build trust and to establish yourself as an expert in your given industry. You can offer gated content, free content, or use “teaser” content to get your visitors interested and then guide them to sign-up to read more.

Add Schema Data to Your Website

Add schema data to your website and focus on local SEO terms (when applicable). The more search engines understand your domain the better they will rank you and position you higher in SERPs (search engine result pages).

Ask For Business Reviews

Reach out! That’s right, get those reviews. Speak to existing or previous clients/customers and come straight out with it! Request reviews or testimonials, making sure to request that they mention exactly what you did for them.

Update your Google My Business

This one is a hidden gem, especially for Google. When you update and maintain your Google My Business, you’re essentially telling Google more about the value you offer visitors and that you are making attempts to engage them more efficiently. This also allows you to keep Google up to date, especially if you add photos, videos, services, a description, and an accurate location. See! We got right back to Local SEO – but we’ll go deeper into this another time.

Run Technical Audits On Your Domain

Run monthly on-page and technical audits on your domain. Doing so keeps you in the know of how your website is performing. The faster your site the better. It’s vital to make sure your domain has as little errors as possible and loads completely quickly. Why yes, page speed is a ranking factor. Website audits also ensure that you are focusing on the user experience and making sure that connection doesn’t lead to any interference or interruptions.

We Make Marketing Your Brand Look Easy

The above tactics are just the tip of the iceberg! Do you know how many websites are out there in the world? Not to mention the number of competitors that would like nothing more than to see you disappear.

Creative MMS has the digital expertise to not only make you stand out but also digitally market your value! That’s why we’re committed to working closely with our digital partners, so they can grow and expand in a digital age.

Do you want more digital insights that can be the catalyst for online success? Shoot us an email or give us a call to discuss the right digital strategy for your business.

When it comes to SEO and digital marketing strategies for 2020, Creative MMS is ready to partner with your business to make it happen! We’re not just a Philadelphia Digital Marketing Agency and website design experts, we’re a motivated digital team! And this upcoming year will be the year your business exceeds expectations and gets the results you need.

Let’s get started!

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