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Tools For Successful Digital Project Management

Managing a website design or re-design may be more difficult than you realize, as there is not always something physical to keep track of (with HTML work being done behind the scenes), as well as all of the different digital aspects that are happening at the same time. The most important part of project management is to make sure that the project continues as smoothly as possible, while keeping on budget and on deadline. The Project Manager is the key to providing clients exactly what they want in a timely manner.

Our Project Manager at Creative MMS, Megan Powers, uses the latest online programs to help keep the team on schedule. The three top programs she recommends are Basecamp, Trello, and Harvest. Basecamp is a website that allows you to assign each team member a task and set a deadline. Trello breaks tasks into list form and lays out what still needs to happen and what has been completed. Harvest is a time-tracking program that helps track budget and bill time, making sure that no single team member is billing too much time.

Not only are online programs essential for a good Project Manager, but time-management and organization skills are key, as well. The following are the four best practices for always-successful digital project management:

1. Create A Realistic and Adaptable Schedule
A good Project Manager will know a realistic timetable for each team member completing their task. However, as with any project, there can be unavoidable hold-ups, for which the Project Manager needs to be prepared. Creating a schedule that is easily adaptable, with extra time built in, is a great way to avoid any delay.

2. Keep Open Lines of Communication with the Client
If there are any changes to the timeline, make sure to always let the client know right away what to expect from the change. And vice versa, if there are any changes on the client’s end, always be available and checking your inbox to get back to the client as soon as possible.

3. Keep Open Lines of Communication with Your Team
Have a virtual open-door policy. A great aspect of web design is that team members sometimes work remotely. So to keep communication open, we recommend a program called Slack, an online team chatroom and personal instant message system.

With or without this program, it is essential to have a daily team meeting to get a rundown of the standing of each project to make sure that each team member is on track. This is also a great time to address any team member’s concerns.

4. Keep Organized
Using multiple project management tools can get overwhelming. Make sure to check in on projects multiple times a week and make sure the tasks that you expect to be moving aren’t being held up.

Great Project Managers Are a Dime a Dozen

An experienced and talented Project Manager is crucial for every project. Creative MMS’ very own Megan Powers, is an essential part of the team and always makes sure every project is done on time and within budget. She personally keeps in touch with each client and we guarantee that you will love her as much as we do!

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