Front End Web Developer: The Best Job To Have Right Out Of College?
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A Little Background

When I graduated in 2015, I couldn’t begin to tell you the amount of googling and research I did to try and find the ideal field to kick-start my career. Having a Computer Science degree is cool and all, but the one thing they never taught was how to know which path is best. I’m here to tell you that if you’re uncertain about what you want to get into as your first job, it’s Front End Web Development. You may be asking why? Well, I have the answer for you. Let’s dig in!

Keep in mind that I am still in the beginning stages of web development, but I sure wish I had this valuable information at my fingertips to help me out. Believe me when I say that you are not alone if you graduated with a Computer Science degree and have practically no programming experience. But, plain and simple, you need to know how to program. There is no way around that. And you know what? HTML & CSS exist to help ease you into it. They are, without a doubt, the best languages to get you thinking like a programmer and know how things work on a webpage.

But Why Front End Web Development?

For someone like myself that didn’t know how to code until I went to college, this is the best area to start out. HTML & CSS are fantastic languages to learn first. This is not to say they are not difficult to learn, but I found they’re the easiest languages to learn the basics of how programming works.

This field lets you stay up-to-date with current trends in design, as well as use different technologies that change constantly. This means you are constantly learning. Remember, learning is the key to all of this. Do not get frustrated with what you don’t know, but be excited with all of the things that you now get to learn. I sure am!

You will literally learn something new & cool every single day, which you cannot get doing many other jobs. Consider yourself lucky because you’ll certainly never get bored of it.

Getting Over The Hurdles

Its the harsh reality of coding. You are going to hit points where you get the wind knocked right out of your sails, but you need to keep positive. I make strides gradually, and some things I just grasp immediately. This is something I’ve learned to accept. You need to understand that you’re just starting out and need to take baby steps.

Of course everyone wants to be the next coding wizard that literally dreams in code. But you need to take the necessary steps to get there.

Next Steps For New Web Developers

Spend the time learning these languages. Spend at least two hours each night learning. It’s the only way to make legitimate progress. This won’t just come to you in one day, rather its a path that you need to stay on in order to learn. When the waves of coding hit you, stay positive, keep pushing forward, and ask questions. Google is your best friend. Out of everything you’ve read in here, I hope all of your questions and doubts have been answered.

Get Coding!

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