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What is Schema Markup and How Do You Use It?

website developer generating schema markup on laptop

Hello and welcome to Episode 3 of our Creative University video series! My name is Lauren Devens and I am the Digital Marketing & Social Media Coordinator at Creative MMS in Philadelphia. I’m here with the fabulous Tess Ewing who is our junior web developer. So, Tess, I’ll kick it over to you for a […]

B2B Website Development: Why ADA Compliance Matters

woman in a wheelchair working on laptop

Why Should My Website Be ADA-Compliant? While there are only regulations for certain industries that make ADA Compliance a necessity, it would be wise for any business to have a website that is accessible to everyone. This needs to include those users who may be blind, deaf, or otherwise need assistive technologies in order to […]

What Makes a Great B2B Web Design?

b2b website designer choosing site colors

8 Tips to Quality Website Design for Businesses Looking to design a new website for your business? Many key factors contribute to a good website experience for a business-to-business (B2B) company. And almost all of the best practices center around one key fact: companies don’t buy from other companies. People at companies buy from other […]

How to Choose the Right Website Design Company

b2b web designers strategizing new website on computers

Top 4 Tips for Finding the Best Web Design Firm Many people don’t realize it, but website design matters much more in the B2B world than in the B2C. That’s because business-to-business firms are unlikely to get walk-ins and foot traffic. Other companies will want to vet your firm before making a decision. A website […]

6 Secrets to Creating the Perfect Resource Center

Create the Perfect Resource Center

How Do I Create A Digital Resource Center? So, you already understand the importance of having both a resource center and a blog on your website. Digital resource centers can help you: Educate your audience about your products or services Attract new leads through targeted content topics Boost the quality of overall website conversions Empower […]

8 Reasons Why You Need A Website Redesign

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Does My Website Need to be Redesigned? Your website is the hub of your business. It’s how prospects find out about your brand. It’s how your customers can make a purchase, fill out a form, or find your contact information. But once you create your website, your work is far from over! Whether you’re Apple […]

User Experience (UX): What is it?


What Is UX and UI? User Experience from a web aspect is the experience a user has while interacting with your brand online. Depending on strategy this can start from PPC all the way to the final goal of the website. Good UX meets the exact needs of the customer without any additional hurdles, nothing […]