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what are website pop ups

How to Effectively Use Pop-ups on Your Website

Are Website Pop-ups Right for Your Domain? Considering pop-ups for your website? You’re in good company. Pop-ups have become a mainstay for successful online businesses. They grab attention and prompt visitors to engage with your site. Although some consumers complain about pop-ups, we can’t deny that they are an effective website conversion tool. Unfortunately, too […]

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Essential Photoshop Tips for Designers Part 1

When I go to explain the importance of Photoshop organization, I reach for a trusty metaphor: Everyone has that friend. You walk into their apartment and it looks like a tornado went through there. Even if it is perfectly sanitary, items are strewn all over the floor in a riot of color and texture that […]

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website redesign steps

Turn Your Frowned Website Upside Down

How to Redesign Your Website Your website simply isn’t generating the traffic you need it to or handling your needs–but how do you fix it? A full website redesign is often the best way to turn that frown upside down, getting your website noticed by the customers you most want and ensuring that you’re able […]

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web design history

A Brief History of Web Design

The Early Days of Web Design Web design has been important since sites began competing for attention. A well-designed site holds readers’ interest, is easy to read, and presents its content in a clear, organized way. Views on what accomplishes this have changed over the years, as the available technology has changed and designers have […]

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digital and web agency

How to Give Your Agency the Best Feedback

Choosing The Best Web Design Agency So you’ve finally decided to go with a web design agency. You’re ready to hand off the work to someone else, kick back, and put your feet up, right? Not so fast. We all know nothing good comes quite that easy. While your agency will do the actual web […]

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Hamburger Navigation Menu

Why the Hamburger Navigation Icon is Dead

What is a Hamburger Navigation Menu? The hamburger menu is a hot topic in design debates. You’ve probably seen it before – the three horizontal lines that you click or tap to open a site’s menu. Hamburger navigation icons became popular a few years ago. They were used most frequently in apps or mobile versions […]

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choosing between website proposals

Website Proposals: Which One is Best?

Website Proposal Tips in 2018 Building your website is a big step for your business. You want to make sure that you’ve chosen the right company to handle your design. You’ve taken the step to gather proposals for your website design and development, but now, you aren’t sure how to narrow them down. There are […]

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website design process

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Designing Your Website

Website Design Can Be Stress-Free A beautiful website that drives traffic, makes sales and grows your business is high on the bucket list of many entrepreneurs. Despite this, the project often can feel so huge that it gets put off. Instead, businesses opt for piece-meal, do-it-yourself solutions that can actually cost more time and money […]

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colors to avoid by UX design standards

6 Colors to Avoid When Redesigning Your Website

Why Colors Matter when Designing a Website Colors are an essential design element to any website. But too often brands choose their website colors without understanding how colors work on a screen. While colors should follow your brand guidelines and convey an appropriate image, they also need to function well on digital platforms. A poorly […]

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UX Design Strategy

The Beginner’s Guide To UX Design

Importance of UX Design for your Website UX design is key to running an effective website, converting leads, and satisfying customers. But most people aren’t clear on what exactly UX is or how they can start implementing strong UX. What is UX? UX stands for User Experience. It encompasses a user’s interactions with a system. […]

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improve the visitor journey on your website

How to Maximize Time Spent on Your Website

Improve The Experience of the Visitor Journey What happens when someone visits your website? Do you have their experience mapped out, or is it always a little different? Many website owners tend to have a grand vision for what their site looks like, but don’t consider the visitor journey. This is a mistake. The path […]

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