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Conversion Rate Optimization KPI’s for Brands

key performance indicators for brands

Key Performance Indicators To understand conversion rate optimization KPI’s, you first have to understand conversion optimization. Next you need to determine what your KPI’s will be. There’s no one size fits all, but all Key Performance Indicators do share a common goal. The ability for a brand to make wise business decisions based off performance. […]

Google Algorithm Update May Affect Rankings

Google algorithm update 2017

Google Search Algorithm Update ALERT: Recently Google has been rolling out updates to their existing algorithms. On or around February 7th, 2017 there was a Google search algorithm update that has been affecting some websites. You may see some ranking changes over the coming weeks or months. This would include possibly even seeing a change […]

How-To Leverage Content With Your SEO Strategy

using content and seo strategy together

Optimized Content That Gets Attention Optimized content is valuable, and one of the strongest tools a business can use to engage their audience. When paired with proper SEO, your potential to satisfy the search intent of your visitors increases. Think of your content as larger than life ad copy. Using compelling headlines or titles to […]

The Rise Of Mobile Indexing

mobile first indexing in 2017

Mobile First Indexing Is Here Mobile indexing has changed the way we interact and connect with businesses. Where desktop was once king, it has been dethroned by a much faster way to gain solutions. So it’s no surprise that Google will now start ranking your site based off of mobile indicators and the search results […]

5 Ways a Copywriter Engages Your Audience

digital marketing blog recap

Copywriters Get Results Sure, you took English class. You toiled over short stories. Even aced term papers (or at least handed them in on time—hair mussed, eyes bleary.) Even today you continue to craft informative, engaging emails and tweets on a daily basis. So…why do you need a copywriter? Keep on reading for 5 essential […]

Voice Search Optimization for Businesses

Voice Search Optimization Strategies

How Does Voice Search Work? Optimizing for voice search is not just about keyword terms. Search engines such as Google keep their algorithms focused on ranking factors. Contextual content that answers precise questions and provides additional information becomes imperative to success. How does voice search work? By incorporating high end technology such as Natural Language […]

The Unbelievable Truth About RankBrain

Brainrank Google SEO

What is Google RankBrain? RankBrain has changed the search engine game forever. Using Google search use to be all about putting a keyword term in the search box and hoping for the best result. Then with multiple and evolving updates, Google algorithms continued to go through a rigorous metamorphosis. Each algorithm has a pattern and […]

5 SEO Secrets That Increase Website Traffic

SEO Secrets to Boost Website Performance

Optimizing For Traffic What is Search Engine Optimization? Is it black arts or a series of coincidences that magically attract website traffic? If you ask your target audience, they’ll look at you with a blank stare. But if you could ask a search engine, you’d find the answer. SEO is the strategic practice of influencing […]

Conversion Optimization Part 1 – Keyword Philosophy

graphic showing keywords optimize content traffic website ranking link

Planning Your Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy The very first, and arguably most important, aspect to your conversion optimization setup is the planning you will need to do in the beginning. The planning is one of the most crucial parts of the conversion optimization process because it ensures you are on the right path for your […]