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benefits of local seo

Your Ultimate Guide to Local SEO

How Local SEO Can Boost Search Rankings If you’re breaking into a specific market—whether it’s new territory or your own backyard—how well does your website relate to to local audiences? Do search engines find your claim to city-specific keywords legitimate? Incorporating local SEO strategies into your digital marketing campaign helps your audience find you and […]

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Search Marketing Expo - 2018

Creative MMS to Attend SMX East 2018

SMX Conference 2018 Knowledge is the greatest tool that moves mountains, builds bridges and gets results. When you factor in cutting edge marketing strategies and innovative new advancements you’re able to reach a larger market. It’s for that very reason that we are committed to providing the most effective digital marketing services and sustainable search […]

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mobile optimization best practices

Mobile Optimization Tips for 2019

Why Mobile Optimization Is Essential Well over half of all page views on the Web come from mobile devices, and the share keeps growing. A business that wants to build its online audience needs to provide a first-rate mobile experience. If a page is slow to load or difficult to read on a phone screen, […]

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digital marketing trends for 2019

Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

Digital Marketing Helps Business Growth Digital marketing has already established itself as a business owners’ top business initiative. With the number of consumers present online, it makes sense that business owners are more focused on getting right in front of their potential customers. With that said, the future of digital marketing appears to be bright […]

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How to Run a Successful Content Strategy Session

The Content Marketing Process Each day more businesses are turning to Content Marketing in order to promote their products or services. This is because content marketing is essential if you want to make a name for yourself online. But simply deciding that you want to start content marketing is only the first step. In order […]

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website page speed helps boost page rank

Increase Website Traffic By Increasing Page Speed

How To Rank Higher in Search Results If you own a website, your primary goal is likely to get more people to visit it. There’s no point in having a great site if no one ever sees it. One of the best ways to increase traffic to your website is by appearing higher in SERPs […]

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how to optimize your website images for google search

How to Optimize Images for Google Search

Optimized Images Help Build Relevance Images grab attention, break up text, and keep visitors on your page. But if you’re not optimizing your images for Google, you’re missing the opportunity to create a more user and SEO-friendly site. Google’s search engine also indexes optimized images in an effort to give users a visual representation of […]

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digital marketing strategy

Understand Your Marketing Strategy to Make it Work

How To Create a Marketing Strategy Marketing strategies are often sold as packages and people buy them without knowing how they work. Others just market in a random way, taking whatever marketing method that is at hand and rotating through strategies apparently willy-nilly until something works. A marketing strategy should be at the heart of […]

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digital marketing terms SEO

10 Common Digital Marketing Terms

What Is Digital Marketing? You’ve probably heard about digital marketing, that’s it’s a way to help prospective customers find your business online, and to grow your company.  You might be thinking about giving it a try, but you might also get a little dizzy when marketers start tossing around terms like SEO, PPC, bounce rate, […]

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data analytics and digital marketing

How Can Your Business Use Data Analytics?

Data Analysis Builds Business Strategies Today it’s easier than ever collect data on your website’s performance. Unfortunately, applying that data to your business isn’t exactly intuitive. More and more people are talking about data-driven strategies for business. But how exactly does data help business? Using data in your marketing and sales practices takes the guesswork […]

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SSL Certificates: Which is Right for Your Website?

What is an SSL? Chances are you’ve definitely bumped into an SSL certificate in your internet travels. Your bank, your favorite grocery store, Amazon, or typically any place that you perform transactions online have an SSL certificate installed on their site – you can tell by the little green lock that shows up next to […]

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Knowing the Difference Between PPC and SEO

What is the difference between PPC and SEO? Maybe you’ve heard that PPC is dead and businesses should only use SEO. Or you’ve heard that SEO takes too long and PPC works wonders. Many online marketers have surprisingly strong views on PPC vs. SEO. But before you choose a stance, it’s important to have a […]

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