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5 Ways a Copywriter Engages Your Audience

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Copywriters Get Results Sure, you took English class. You toiled over short stories. Even aced term papers (or at least handed them in on time—hair mussed, eyes bleary.) Even today you continue to craft informative, engaging emails and tweets on a daily basis. So…why do you need a copywriter? Keep on reading for 5 essential […]

Voice Search Optimization for Businesses

Voice Search Optimization Strategies

How Does Voice Search Work? Optimizing for voice search is not just about keyword terms. Search engines such as Google keep their algorithms focused on ranking factors. Contextual content that answers precise questions and provides additional information becomes imperative to success. How does voice search work? By incorporating high end technology such as Natural Language […]

Trusting The Process For Creative Digital Projects

Creative Process for Digital Projects

The Creative Process The start of the 2016/17 NBA season marked the debut of Philadelphia Sixers rookie Joel Embiid, and the culmination of what Sixers fans have been repeating for several years: “Trust the Process.” Former Sixers GM Sam Hinkie coined the phrase, referring to his patient, frequently-painful, rebuild of the team through several losing […]

The Unbelievable Truth About RankBrain

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What is Google RankBrain? RankBrain has changed the search engine game forever. Using Google search use to be all about putting a keyword term in the search box and hoping for the best result. Then with multiple and evolving updates, Google algorithms continued to go through a rigorous metamorphosis. Each algorithm has a pattern and […]

5 SEO Secrets That Increase Website Traffic

SEO Secrets to Boost Website Performance

Optimizing For Traffic What is Search Engine Optimization? Is it black arts or a series of coincidences that magically attract website traffic? If you ask your target audience, they’ll look at you with a blank stare. But if you could ask a search engine, you’d find the answer. SEO is the strategic practice of influencing […]

Digital Marketing Summit 2016

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The world has gone digital, and keeping up with this evolving trend is a step in the right direction. Digital Summit Philadelphia embodies the essence of these changes and discuses how to navigate them. We understand the need to increase your customer base and satisfaction. Developing strategies to better engage your audience is a skill […]

Lock Down that Domain

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Don’t Forget to Renew Your Domain Registration In January 2016, a story became public about Google – you know, the one who runs, Gmail, supports the Android operating system – forgetting to renew the registration of their top domain, By a pure stroke of luck a former Google employee, Sanmay Ved, was able […]