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marketing in a digital world

How the Digital World has Changed Marketing Forever

  Marketing In A Digital World Marketing has been around for as long as there has been an opportunity to barter one good for another. At its most fundamental form, the act of marketing is simply defined as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value […]

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what is CTA - call to action

What Is A Call-to-Action (CTA) and It’s Benefits

How Can A CTA Improve Your Website Consumers are inundated with marketing messages every day. A constant barrage of videos, images, and text promise solutions to every possible problem. The result? An audience primed for decision fatigue. And a frustrated, confused reader is far less likely to become a paying client. So, what’s the solution? […]

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2018 Digital Marketing Strategy for businesses

Focus Areas of Your Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018

Digital Strategy Starts With A Story Something about the approaching end of year makes me and many other business owners think about planning for the new year. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about what to focus on in 2018 and thought we would distill our thoughts to help you plan your digital marketing […]

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digital project managers plan for success

What Is Digital Project Management: 4 Stages to Success

What is a Digital Project Manager? It’s unlikely you learned what a digital project manager does when you were in school, but now you need one. At least you think you do, but you’re not exactly sure what a project manager in digital marketing does. A digital project manager oversees and streamlines the management of […]

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mobile friendly website design tips

10 Effective Mobile Ready Website Design Tips

How To Design A Mobile Ready Website Mobile ready websites can mean the difference between lead generation or a failed digital marketing campaign. In this age of mobile devices, connecting with your target audience can be a chess game between you and your competitors. The one thing to keep in mind is that search engines, […]

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Digital Discovery using a Creative Brief

Building A Creative Brief Through Digital Discovery

What is a Creative Brief? A creative brief is an essential part of every successful marketing campaign. It is a very thorough questionnaire that is used to collect the information needed before beginning  each project. It helps drive the discovery process by gathering all of the critical, relevant, and most useful information. Laying this solid […]

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Why Rebrand? And why now?

Who Is Creative MMS? We aren’t the agency we were years ago. We aren’t even the agency we were last year. So much has changed. We’ve grown. We’ve evolved. And, we’ve learned a lot. From a business owner perspective, I’ve watched the team transform into a group of exceptionally talented individuals, all rowing the boat […]

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How to Connect With Millennials

Digital Marketing to Millennials When marketing your product, exploring the available demographics is a must. Today, Millennials are one of the largest target audiences, with the highest potential spending power of any generation. Generation Y, as they’re also known as, use technology at an alarming rate, communicating on social media and private messaging platforms more […]

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Identify Your Business Persona and Audience

Do You Know Your User Personas Identifying and creating a user persona is extremely important for business that want to connect with their audience, especially when creating an online presence. How well do you know your audience and user personas? Not knowing your target audience can result in lost sales and poor customer engagement. Creating a […]

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5 Website Fails That Are Scaring Away Your Customers

Why Your Website Doesn’t Work You’ve heard it before. Websites are a business essential. But maybe you haven’t been seeing the results you expected from your site. Before you dismiss the importance of having a business website, do this internal check. You could be committing one of these five fatal flaws that drive customers away: […]

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Responsive Websites Get Results – Here’s Why!

Is Your Brand & Website Responsive? A Responsive Website gets results for brands in a digital age. With so many different devices being used to gain information these days, wouldn’t it be nice to look your best to potential customers day in and day out? If you own and maintain a website, you want your […]

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How to Follow Email Marketing Best Practices

Leverage Email To Build Your Brand Your email list is one of your biggest assets as a business. Email marketing gives you a direct line to your audience, without worrying about pesky Facebook algorithms or advertising fees. Unlike social media platforms, you own your list, which means that it grows with your business. As such, […]

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