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&THEN conference 2018

Gathering Data Driven Results at &THEN

Building a Data Driven Marketing Strategy We here at Creative MMS talk a lot about the importance of leveraging data intelligence in marketing, so we’re always excited to attend &THEN, the annual event for the data-driven marketing industry. We have been working with the &THEN organizers since 2015 to build and support the event’s website, […]

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Building a Team With Amazing Culture

It’s All About Culture Strong and amazing culture guards a company’s longevity while driving it toward success. This is especially true for web development agencies that aim to connect and generate results for their users. When agencies build a team with amazing culture, they find that the whole digital marketing team feels united in its […]

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25 days of kindness recap view

Our 25 Days of Kindness Recap & More!

Creative’s 25 Days of Kindness Recap Kindness starts within and when you help others it shows. During our 25 Days of Kindness, we shared the love every chance we could. This wasn’t for notoriety, but because the world could use a little more kind deeds these days. At Creative, we see kindness through actions and […]

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Digital Discovery using a Creative Brief

Building A Creative Brief Through Digital Discovery

What is a Creative Brief? A creative brief is an essential part of every successful marketing campaign. It is a very thorough questionnaire that is used to collect the information needed before beginning  each project. It helps drive the discovery process by gathering all of the critical, relevant, and most useful information. Laying this solid […]

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Why Rebrand? And why now?

Who Is Creative MMS? We aren’t the agency we were years ago. We aren’t even the agency we were last year. So much has changed. We’ve grown. We’ve evolved. And, we’ve learned a lot. From a business owner perspective, I’ve watched the team transform into a group of exceptionally talented individuals, all rowing the boat […]

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Identify Your Business Persona and Audience

Do You Know Your User Personas Identifying and creating a user persona is extremely important for business that want to connect with their audience, especially when creating an online presence. How well do you know your audience and user personas? Not knowing your target audience can result in lost sales and poor customer engagement. Creating a […]

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Seven Deadly Sins of DIY Websites

Biggest mistakes of DIY websites With so many website companies offering free do-it-yourself (DIY) web services on today’s market, the temptation is great for those who want a site for themselves or their business to take advantage of such offers. These services provide folks with no coding experience user-friendly interfaces that allow them to design […]

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Creative MMS Welcomes Project Manager Megan Langdon

Get to Know Our New Project Manager Creative MMS takes pride in its culture and how we provide digital solutions for clients. Our team is passionate about working hard, with a strong commitment to delivering results. Part of that strength is our team. Each team member plays an intricate part in the success of day […]

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an HTTPS website can boost page rank

Top 5 Reasons Your Website Needs HTTPS

The Importance of Using HTTPS Internet users are looking for security when they surf the web. They’re looking for a secure user experience where their personal information is protected. One of the strongest indicators of a secure connection is a site using HTTPS encryption. Privacy and security in a digital age is on the minds […]

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ux design myths debunked

5 Design Myths That Hurt User Experience

5 Design Myths Debunked:  Intelligent Data-Driven Design I’ve been around awhile, I’ve seen a few things over my expansive 13 year career in the web design industry.  I was a developer through the brutal reign of Internet Explorer 6 & a designer through the fascinating years of web 2.0. I’ve been witness to the rise […]

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rebranding business website

Yay, I’m Rebranding! When Can I Start On My Website?

Redesigning Your Website While Rebranding You did it! You convinced your boss that you need to rebrand the business. He gave you a budget to work with. Maybe it’s not exactly as much as you wanted, but you’ll take it! You are raring and ready to go. New logo, new color scheme, all new business […]

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google algorithm updates and what they mean

The Google Algorithm Update Breakdown

Google Algorithms and Why They Exist Google algorithms have evolved significantly over the years. Some businesses still do not fully understand their purpose. Others even think that they’re in place to punish websites. The truth is, algorithms are needed for many reasons, and some of them are directly related to how your website is shown […]

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