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Top Benefits of CRMs for Businesses

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Creative University Ep. 9: CRMs for Sales, Marketing, and Support Hello and welcome to Creative University episode nine! Please be sure to subscribe to our channel for future videos in the world of marketing, web design, development, and other hot tips that will help you manage your campaigns. Now, I’m here with three members of […]

What Marketing Metrics Should You Track?

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Creative University Ep. 6: Most Important Digital Marketing Metrics Lauren Devens: Hello and welcome to Creative University episode six! I am Lauren Devens and I’m the Digital Marketing & Social Media Coordinator here at Creative MMS and I will be your host today. I’m here with our CEO and Founder, Ben LeDonni, and we are […]

Marketing Chronicles: ChatGPT, A Love Affair

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ChatGPT and Marketing Meet It started as it always does — “Psst! There’s a new kid in town. You gotta check them out!” Ben, our Fearless Leader* and self-professed Marketing Tech Geek,* was nearly giddy when he first brought up the idea of what it could do. So was the press. “Turn out truckloads of […]

How to Prepare for Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

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Creative University Ep. 4: Preparing for GA4 Jennifer Greenjack: Hello! Welcome to the fourth episode of the Creative University video series. My name is Jennifer Greenjack. I’m standing in for Lauren this week. I’m the Director of Marketing at Creative MMS in Philadelphia. I’m here today with the super fabulous Jim Van Horn who is […]

Why Should You Have a Strategic Marketing Plan?

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Welcome to the first edition of our Creative University Video Series! My name is Lauren Devens and I am the Digital Marketing and Social Media Coordinator here at Creative MMS in Philadelphia. I’m here today with the wonderful Jennifer Greenjack who is the Director of Marketing here at Creative as well. We’re here to talk […]

Understanding and Tracking KPIs

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What Are KPIs? “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Renowned business guru Peter Drucker never actually said this, despite the number of CEOs who quote this daily. However, it makes an important point — if you don’t measure what you’re doing, then how do you know it’s working? A 2021 study showed […]

How Marketing Automation Can Boost Sales Strategies

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Improve Your Sales Enablement with Marketing Automation Did you know that B2B buyers do 70% of their research online before even contacting your sales team? Gone are the days when customers would contact your business without knowing who you are. If you want to reach your audience, you have to give them opportunities to get […]

B2B Marketing Agencies Are Like Your Favorite Band

Crafting a Harmonious B2B Marketing Strategy Building a successful B2B marketing plan on your own isn’t easy. That’s why so many businesses opt to outsource this process to a marketing agency. But how do you know if you’re choosing the right agency? Your chosen marketing team should work together like a great band. One of […]

Top Measurements for B2B Content Marketing Success

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How successful companies make the most of their content marketing Over the last two years, many companies have reallocated marketing dollars or invested additional dollars into content marketing. HubSpot notes that 90% of marketers using content marketing plan to continue investing the same amount in the channel in 2022. Additionally, 66% of marketers expect their […]

How Automation Drives Financial Marketing Results

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Financial Services + Marketing Automation = Success Ever since 2020, businesses of all sizes and industries have seen first-hand the importance of digital transformation. And the financial services industry is no different. Customers today aren’t looking for just any financial company to trust with their funds. They crave a personalized experience with a provider who […]