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Marketing Chronicles: ChatGPT, A Love Affair

Robot and human hand touching

ChatGPT and Marketing Meet It started as it always does — “Psst! There’s a new kid in town. You gotta check them out!” Ben, our Fearless Leader* and self-professed Marketing Tech Geek,* was nearly giddy when he first brought up the idea of what it could do. So was the press. “Turn out truckloads of […]

How to Prepare for Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

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Creative University Ep. 4: Preparing for GA4 Jennifer Greenjack: Hello! Welcome to the fourth episode of the Creative University video series. My name is Jennifer Greenjack. I’m standing in for Lauren this week. I’m the Director of Marketing at Creative MMS in Philadelphia. I’m here today with the super fabulous Jim Van Horn who is […]

Why Should You Have a Strategic Marketing Plan?

team creating a strategic marketing plan

Welcome to the first edition of our Creative University Video Series! My name is Lauren Devens and I am the Digital Marketing and Social Media Coordinator here at Creative MMS in Philadelphia. I’m here today with the wonderful Jennifer Greenjack who is the Director of Marketing here at Creative as well. We’re here to talk […]

How Automation Drives Financial Marketing Results

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Financial Services + Marketing Automation = Success Ever since 2020, businesses of all sizes and industries have seen first-hand the importance of digital transformation. And the financial services industry is no different. Customers today aren’t looking for just any financial company to trust with their funds. They crave a personalized experience with a provider who […]

Key DigiMarCon Insights to Revamp Your B2B Digital Strategy

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4 DigiMarCon 2022 Takeaways for Growth-Focused Businesses I don’t know about you, but I am getting tired of digital marketing webinars and virtual events. Now, don’t get me wrong. I still think the info the presenters provide can be helpful. But when I’m watching instead of participating, I tend to get easily distracted. The dog […]

How to Choose the Right Website Design Company

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Top 4 Tips for Finding the Best Web Design Firm Many people don’t realize it, but website design matters much more in the B2B world than in the B2C. That’s because business-to-business firms are unlikely to get walk-ins and foot traffic. Other companies will want to vet your firm before making a decision. A website […]

Creative MMS Named a Top Digital Marketing Company in Pennsylvania

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Awarded Top B2B Company in Pennsylvania for 2020 Our team at Creative MMS just received some exciting news from Clutch, an internationally renowned B2B rating and review platform. Creative MMS has been named as a Top B2B Company in Pennsylvania for 2020, praising our digital marketing strategy, SEO, and PPC work. And, we made the […]

Should You Create A Blog or Resource Center?

content resource centers and blogs

Do I Need a Blog Or A Resource Center On My Website? We often suggest that our clients have a resource center for articles, videos, podcasts, etc. on their website. And sometimes we get the question, “why can’t we just put that information on our blog?” The simple answer is you may be able to […]

Identify Your Business Persona and Audience

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Do You Know Your B2B User Personas? Identifying and creating a B2B persona is extremely important for businesses that want to connect with their audience, especially when creating an online presence. How well do you know your audience and user personas? Not knowing your target audience can result in lost sales and poor customer engagement. […]