B2B Website Development: Why ADA Compliance Matters
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Why Should My Website Be ADA-Compliant?

While there are only regulations for certain industries that make ADA Compliance a necessity, it would be wise for any business to have a website that is accessible to everyone. This needs to include those users who may be blind, deaf, or otherwise need assistive technologies in order to properly digest website content.

In short, even if you are not a business that is mandated to have an accessible website, you may be leaving potential prospects in the dark that would otherwise need a site to be ADA compliant.

Your chosen marketing team should work together to further our collective business goals to generate revenue for your business while providing the best overall user site experience. To see what sets Creative MMS apart from other local web developers in creating compliant websites, visit our Accessible Web Design page.



#1: Regulatory Changes in ADA Compliance on the Horizon

With recent legislation that is to be reviewed by governmental authorities for enactment by June 2023, now would be the time to start planning your site migration, redesign, or brand new build process.

The new Title II (ADA Compliance standards related to state and federal government domains) looks to set standards around what thresholds need to be crossed to make a local, state, or federal government website compliant for Americans with disabilities.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that private businesses will forever be untouched. Some private businesses in certain industries like hospitals, medical care, life sciences/healthcare, and educational institutions have been mandated for compliance.

It may only be a matter of time until global adoption – similar to GDPR for privacy – is enacted. Or, at the very least, would provide considerable upside for garnering more visibility to users online regardless of their status.

Why not stay ahead of the curve and your competitors and make your B2B website accessible to everyone?


#2: Stay Out of the Courtroom

Discrimination lawsuits continue to rise each year by private citizens due to non-compliant websites and applications. Newest estimates show about 10 new cases filed every single day.

With fines ranging anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands, why risk multiple payouts when you can tackle the issue head-on at a cheaper cost today?

How much a site needs to be changed in order to be fully accessible is our speciality. Our web developers provide a detailed audit with a plan to make your B2B website ADA Compliant. You’ll also gain the expertise to implement those changes quickly and get your site running at 100%.


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#3: Who Should Be Most Concerned Today?

From a brand reputation standpoint and overall customer generation, there is no reason not to make your website accessible and open to everyone. But you may be asking, “Can I wait to get it done right?” That’s fair since redesigning a professional website is not an impulsive decision. It requires planning, strategy, and lots of time testing.

While our B2B web designers are ready to help any business rise above the compliance standard, below are businesses that should have had that completed yesterday:

  • State & Local Government Organizations
  • Private Organizations with 15 or more employees
  • Places of business that are considered a place of public accommodation
  • Organizations that work for the public’s benefit, i.e. educational institutions, medical facilities, public transportation, grocery stores, hotels, etc.


Work with a B2B Web Development Agency that Protects Your Brand

Ready to get ahead of your competition with a B2B website development agency that understands the importance of ADA compliance? Creative MMS has almost 2 decades of experience partnering with businesses and creating engaging, accessible websites. Contact us today to learn about the results we can drive for you.

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