Author: Jennifer Greenjack

Digital Marketing

Creative MMS Named a Top Digital Marketing Company in Pennsylvania

Awarded Top B2B Company in Pennsylvania for 2020 Our team at Creative MMS just received some exciting news from Clutch, an internationally renowned B2B rating and review platform. Creative MMS has been named as a Top B2B Company in Pennsylvania for 2020, praising our digital marketing strategy, SEO, and PPC work. And, we made the

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What is conversion rate optimization?
Conversion Optimization

How Conversion Rate Optimization Increases Revenue

Picture it… You have an amazing website. Clean layout. Beautiful pictures. Explains what you do and who you do it for. But just because a website exists, does not mean that website visitors will turn into customers. That’s where Conversion Rate Optimization comes into play. If you don’t have a conversion strategy in place, no

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lead nurturing with email automation

Using Email Automation to Nurture Prospects

Since going into quarantine, emails have had a huge resurgence in popularity. That’s not surprising. They are easy to draft, quick to send, can reach a large number of people at one time, and are very cost effective. However, sending lots of one-off emails can be tedious and even worse, can be generalized where you

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strategic digital marketing strategies
Digital Marketing

4 Must-Have Elements in A Strategic Marketing Plan

When Do I Need a Strategic Marketing Plan? Remember marketing in the 20th Century? There was a limited number of channels from which to choose to reach your audience, such as TV, radio and print to mention a few. Nowadays, the list of marketing channels is about the length of my leg (and I am

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