5 Ways a Copywriter Engages Your Audience
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Sure, you took English class. You toiled over short stories. Even aced term papers (or at least handed them in on time—hair mussed, eyes bleary.) Even today you continue to craft informative, engaging emails and tweets on a daily basis. So…why do you need a copywriter? Keep on reading for 5 essential ways a copywriter engages your audience…

  1. We get to know your business. Nobody knows your business as well as you do. You could talk about it all day long, to anyone who will listen. But selling it in clear, compelling prose? That’s a different matter. A professional copywriter listens to what you have to say about your business, reading anything and everything related to your product, your customers, your industry and marketing trends. And then we mix it all up and dig deep, uncovering fascinating hooks and benefits you never dreamed of. It’s that fresh perspective on the same-old product that brings tangible value to copywriter services. It’s just what we do.
  2. We get to know your customers. Even the best product in the world is nothing without customers lined up to buy it. A good copywriter moves beyond demographics, putting him or herself in the shoes of your customers. What are their likes and dislikes? What worries them? What makes them happy? What do they need most of all? What do they love most of all? What do they fear? That’s where the most compelling benefits are hiding.
  3. It’s all about you. When appealing to an audience, the best, most personal way to reach them is with the simplest of words: you. YOU will save money. YOU will burn belly fat. YOU can double your investment. It may seem simple and obvious, but when it comes to actually writing the you benefit, nobody rocks it like a professional copywriter. You can bet on it!
  4. Move them with action. You want prospective customers to do more than just pay attention—you want them to act. Whether it’s click, text, tweet, like, call, fill out a form or drop a response in the mail, you want copy that compels readers to follow through with a desired action. That’s how you get results. And that’s how a copywriter writes.
  5. Fascinate and surprise ‘em! Nothing engages your audience like interesting, fascinating words. You’ve got to keep them interested if you want to keep ‘em reading. Your words should have personality. They should tell a story. Bring humor. Breed controversy. Your words should sing! They should take the reader’s breath away and leave them gasping for air, holding only the most tangible, critical benefits in their clenched fists. You’ll know you’ve got it when your words paint a picture so moving, so captivating and memorable that your readers feel compelled to smuggle it away— securely tucked under one arm—to hang on their gallery wall, encircled in a glowing, magical, mystical frame of carefully crafted words. If that sounds like a lot of work…call in a copywriter.

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