Thinking differently about the loss of a hero.

Yesterday, Steve Jobs passed away and the world lost a hero.

Photo courtesy of Techachi

Post after I post I read mentions how Steve Jobs brought us the iPod, iPad, iPhone, countless improvements to iOS and Mac computers. Many of them go on to say how much a visionary he was in the tech field that we live in, creating revolutionary products. But, there’s “one more thing” that people seem to be missing.

The reason so many people are mourning his loss is because they have lost a true leader. Personally, I write this on an Apple Macbook Pro, read my email this morning on my iPhone and constantly marvel at the simplicity of these devices that drives my 20 month old daughters to instinctively know how to use them. I too use these devices because they are inherently simple, reliable and enjoyable to use. But, I buy these devices because the company that makes them shares the same beliefs that I do.

Apple didn’t just strive to create simple devices. The simple devices were/are a by-product of their core belief. They – Steve Jobs – believed, as Simon Sinek put it in his TED speech (below and linked here), in “challenging the status quo, in thinking differently”. Because of that wonderful yet challenging belief, they have made wonderful products and have provided wonderful service.

It’s more than the products you sell. It’s more than the service you provide. Your core beliefs should shine through the service and products that come from your business.

I can only hope that my 20 month old daughters have the same type of mentors in their lives and that they (and I) exemplify the same leadership skills that Steve Jobs showed are so critical to business and life success.