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Case Study Susquehanna Growth Equity A different kind of investment company. Patient. Focused. Entrepreneur-centric.

Entrepreneur-Centric Investment Done Right

Susquehanna Growth Equity was founded in 2006 to create a different kind of growth equity investor: a firm that itself is funded by entrepreneurs who understand the ups-and-downs of operating a business; a firm that has no fixed time horizons and is not subject to the vagaries of the private equity fundraising cycle; a firm that can be flexible in the types of deals it does, the securities it holds, and the risks it takes; and a firm which helps strategically without forcing its operational playbook on the operators it backs.

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From The Beginning

"We love working with passionate entrepreneurs, founders, and operators."

SGEP was referred to us and instantly became impressed with the work we’d been doing over the years. They came seeking our progressive design and technology in order to bring their company into the modern era of interactive and conversion optimized web design.

They needed a website that would be instantly relatable to the high-tech software companies that they represent. At the same time they need to give prospect companies a view into the past investments they’ve represented in order to evaluate success as it relates to their needs.

The Request

When SGEP came to us with their vision it was like music to our ears. Being progressive was their top priority and we were eager to please. The clients they represent come from a technical and design background so they needed to ‘dress to impress’.

A specific goal they had was to keep up with the competition in terms of design and technology. We’d like to think we took them past the competition to the forefront of their industry.

Identifying The Goals
 Progressive Responsive Web Site Embaring Whitespace  Combine their Case Studies & Investments Into One Section

Making The Delivery

Over the course of 5 months we transformed SGEP's website into a sprawling conversion machine. We delivered a modern progressive industry leading website that they are still seeing returns on. We not only gave the website an aesthetic face lift that rivals the best on the web, but increased conversion performance metrics by double digits in all areas.

We continually assist SGEP in modifying and enhancing their site constantly. We’ve made change from small to large in order to provide their clients with the best possible user experience. We pride ourselves on making a website that pays for itself in performance, and we delivered.

What We Did
 Redesign Their Website To Be Progressive and Industry Leading  24% Decrease Of Users Who Immediately Leave The Site  48% Increase In The Time A User Spends On The Website  41% Increase In The Number of Pages a User Visits

In First 6 months

-24% Bounce Rate
+41% Page Views
+48% Time Spent On Site

How We've Grown & Learned

Continual Growth

Ben LeDonni, Founder

We knew in an ever changing market like Investments that we’d need to remain vigilant. Over the course of the project we went through many changes from conceptualization to execution. We remained flexible and met the client’s needs without sacrificing the original needs of the project.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Kyle Aikens, Creative Director & Lead Design

SGEP was a blast. When a client comes to you and their initial vision is progressive it gets everyone around here excited. We love to bend the norm and push boundaries. At the same time we also love numbers. We're extremely excited to see such a performance growth in the matter of 6 months. I personally look forward to working with SGEP for years to come. They've been visionaries in their field, and have the foresight to see whats around the corner before any one else.

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